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bulletFood intolerance involves digestion and metabolism

and is an enzymatic phenomenon, genetically determined. Food intolerance is the inability of a particular body to easily digest or metabolize a particular food. As a consequence, mal-digestion occurs, and toxic metabolites are formed in the intestine and absorbed into the blood. These will affect or interfere with normal function of the body, and become part of the basis of chronic illness.

bulletFood allergy is an immune system reaction

in which food is perceived as if it was a foreign protein and the body inappropriately reacts, creating symptoms. Allergy is often the result of an underlying intolerance. There are other, less well defined reactions, which can occur to food in a body, which are generally referred to as food sensitivities.
Read more in History of Dr. Carroll.

What can we do to create
and maintain great health?

bullet We smile, laugh and think positive, which helps to bring balance and harmony into our lives and those we meet.

bullet We eat lots of fresh greens, vegetables and other foods that are local to our environment and that are organically grown as much as possible.Read “Why Buy Local Foods” by Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D., in the July issue of Dragonfly News, the monthly newsletter of Song of Health.

bullet We refrain from eating the foods we are intolerant to.

bullet We minimize foods that are hard to digest. Click on Hard-to-Digest Foods to see the list.

bullet We minimize, if not eliminate, harmful substances in our household and work environment. Read “Are Your Children Safe” by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health in the August issue of Dragonfly News.

bullet We minimize stress by maintaining a relaxing environment for our families and ourselves.


We are dedicated to helping you achieve…


Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom

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