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It is advisable to eat foods only when they are in season.
For instance, eat melons in July and August.
Eat nuts, winter squash and root vegetables
from October through January.


NOTE: The underlined foods cause the most problems.

• Bananas and all tropical fruits: Should be eaten in tropical climates only.
• Cabbage, cooked
• Cheese
• Cherries
• Chocolate:
Can cause liver and gall bladder congestion.
• Corn
• Crab, Lobster, Shrimp and most shellfish
• Cucumbers
• Fats
• Gizzards
• Iceberg or Head Lettuce: Avoid eating completely.
With very little nutritional value, it is related to the opium poppy, thus having the properties of opium, which paralyzes digestion and slows reflexes. Instead, eat romaine, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce or endive.

NOTE: Poppy seeds and hemp seeds, or their oils, can cause
positive drug tests when eaten.

• Halibut
• Hard-boiled Eggs
• Heart
of most animals
• Melons, out of season
• Liver of most animals
• Navy Beans
• Oatmeal
• Oils
• Onion
• Oysters
• Parsnips
• Peanut butter and nuts:
Digest best in cold climates as they are winter foods.
• Pickles
• Pork
• Tomatoes, raw*
• Rhubarb*
• Salmon
• Spices (strong) such as cayenne, black pepper,
ginger, allspice and nutmeg
• Spinach*
• Turkey*
• Turnips

*Contains oxalic acids that irritate any connective tissue inflammation. Pain caused by conditions such as gout, arthritis, a broken toe, a sprained ankle or any other injury involving inflammation - is increased from consumption of these foods.


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