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Winter on The Northwest Oregon Dikelands
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EPA Forms New Group to Increase Tribes’ Role in Chemical Management and Pollution; Prevention Activities; EPA Requires Testing of 19 Widely Used

By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health


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The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, co-founded by our renowned Doctors Letitia “Tish” Dick, N.D. and Jared Zeff, N.D., LAc., is an educational opportunity for Naturopathic physicians and students to further their education in the traditional methods of Naturopathy, not otherwise taught in the Naturopathic colleges. This is where physicians and students learn how to perform the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation method, constitutional hydrotherapy and other important methods of traditional natural healing.

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Questions Emailed to us:

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From Crystal: Hello, I am wondering if you know the difference between the bulk dextrose and fructose you can buy.  I should not have sugar but the doctor said dextrose and fructose were ok.  Your list of foods that have been tested showed fructose was not ok for sugar intolerant individuals.  Can you provide any information on the subject?  Thank you, Crystal
Reply from Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health:  Hi Crystal, there have been a few discussions on this very issue, as it is tricky.  Simply, if the fructose is pure, it will be fruit only.  Some bulk fructose is. Otherwise, it will be sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is grain and sugar.  Dextrose is potato sugar.  If refined, it will test positive for sugar.  My suggestion is to avoid both and use organic raw honey, agave, or maple syrup instead.  Take a look in The Forum for more discussion, i.e., under Food Questions. Does that help?  In health, Sandra
Crystal:  Yes that helps, thank you.  I tried looking in the discussions but maybe I missed that, I will look again.  I plan on using agave, honey and maple for most recipes but I think it would be nice to have something a little more like sugar in some recipes.  Do you know where I can buy pure fructose?
Sandra:  No, I don't.  I forwarded your question to Dr. Tish.  She replied to your question (below), but she wasn't able to give you a positive answer either. The only way we can be sure of a "safe" product for you is to have you purchase a sample and submit it for evaluation. If you are near a place that sells bulk foods, such as Huckleberry's, maybe you could purchase a small, inexpensive amount for testing.  Wish we could be of further assistance. 

Dr. Tish:  I thought there was a fructose from Azure Standard, but it has been awhile since I have tested any.  My last batch, that I have in my cupboard, may be from "NOW."

Crystal:  I believe you already tested bulk fructose from Rosauers; that should be the same as at Huckleberry’s, I would think. I'll bring some in from Fred Meyer to be tested, but I don't think I can get fructose from Azure Standard because you have to do a minimum order of $550 to have it delivered.

Do I contact Windrose Clinic to see about getting things tested?
Sandra:  Thank you Crystal. Generally, a store will carry Azure bulk products.

You can go on [the SOH] website and follow “Submit A Sample For Evaluation” (for Subscribers $$ discounted), to send samples to Windrose Clinic, or you can bring it directly into the clinic if you are close by. They are closed until Jan. 3rd, just FYI.
  I haven't seen NOW or Azure fructose anywhere. Is there a natural food store with a larger selection of products that I am not aware of?
Sandra:  I'm not familiar with your area. I suggest you post this question in The Forum.  Hopefully one of our fellow Subscribers can guide you.  Things have been pretty quiet in The Forum the last couple days, though.  I think everyone is gearing down for Christmas.  In the meantime, is there a recipe you need help adapting honey or?? that I can help you with?

Crystal:  I was really just needing a sweetener that didn't have a strong flavor. I tried rice syrup, agave, honey and maple. They all have a pretty strong flavor though, which ruins certain recipes.
Sandra:  Have you tried the light agave syrup?  It's a lot milder than the dark, blue. Just a thought...I realize that if you're used to sugar the others have a different flavor. For me, I'm so used to honey, etc., so that I don't care for sugar anymore.  I love See's candy but it is so sweet that I don't care for the aftertaste.  In other words, I believe it's all about we get used to!  





A cheesy grin thank you!

Posted by Robin V Smith, 15th December, 2010:
To whomever had all the cheeses tested this past month from Main Street Market...Thank you!  I've been looking for a fruit & potato free mozzarella for months, to no avail.  Had 4 different ones tested before I gave up.  Thanks to you I just got to enjoy pizza for the 1st time since last Easter.  I am happy.

Posted by Sandra, CEO of Song of Health:  Our doctors at Windrose Clinic are the ones who evaluated the foods:  Dr. Tish and Dr. Caryn.  I will pass on your thank yous to them!  In health, Sandra
Posted by
Dr. Tish:  Dr. Tish wanted a mozzarella too!!  I personally purchased and tested all of those cheeses.  Glad there were a few good ones in the batch.  Dr. Tish


Posted by Dawn, 3rd January, 2011:  Do you know if the Sky River Dry Mead Wine and the Hoodsport Rhubarb Wine are ok to drink for a fruit and sugar/grain intolerance?

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health:  In The Food Resource List: Mead Sky River Sweet Honey Wine, tested 09/09, was tested for all, results G,H.

It has not been tested since then.  As far as we know, it is does not contain sugar.

I don't know if Hoodsport Rhubarb Wine contains sugar or grain, as it is not on our list of foods that have been evaluated.  I will ask Dr. Tish if she happens to know; however, it is best to submit samples to be evaluated.  In health,

Posted by Dr. Tish:  Both of these wines are not fruit or grain.  I don't know about the status of the sugar issue.  My daughter, who is fruit with a potato and grain combo, drinks either one, but she does not have a sugar concern.  I would have to have current samples to evaluate the sugar issue specifically.  Dr. Tish

Sourdough Bread

Posted by Dawn, 3rd January, 2011:  For a sugar/grain and fruit intolerance, why is sourdough ok to eat?

Posted by TraciHi Dawn, I will try to answer your question and if there is something not right about it, Sandra can address it, ok?  It seems to me, that for your intolerances the sourdough bread is ok, because if you follow the recipe on the web site you will replace the oil with butter (D) such as Dairygold unsalted, and replace the sugar with honey (N)* or agave, and wa la…no Dawn intolerance.  Hope that answers it correctly.  Traci

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Honey is not neutral for honey intolerants.  Agave is neutral for everyone.

Posted by Bon:  If you live in the Spokane area, you can purchase the Essential Baking Company sourdough white.  This info was given to me by Dr. Potenza at Windrose.  My intolerances are potato with a fruit/sugar combo.

Posted by Bon:  Oh wait, I misread your post.  Not sure if you can have that after all...not sure if it contains dairy; and I have no idea what Dr. Potenza’s intolerance is.

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthHello Dawn, your fellow Subscribers are definitely on the right track; I’ll define it with more detail for you:

Your intolerances are fruit as your main, and sugar/grain combo as your secondary.  Obviously, we are using grain - may substitute Teff flour for the grain if need be.  Teff is neutral. (Be sure to double check which product you are using for other potential intolerances.)

Sugar is easily avoided by using agave syrup, as was suggested by Traci.  Also, you may use Maple Grove Pure Maple Syrup, which was recently evaluated in December and did not contain fruit.  You have to be careful which maple syrup brands to use, as many of them contain fruit.  The same goes for honey, as oftentimes beekeepers will place citrus sticks in the hives to protect the bees from mites.  Once again, check The Food Resource List for brands that are safe for fruit people.

You actually do not need to add any sweetener to the bread and it will still work just fine.  The sweetener just adds to the flavor.  Many people prefer not to have any sweetening in their sourdough bread, as they appreciate the "tanginess" as is.

You can get by using flour, water, a number of the safflower oils (neutral) or sunflower (grain), and Celtic salt (neutral).  In health,

olive oil substitute

Posted by Dawn, 3rd January, 2011:  Are there any suggestions for substituting olive oil for a sugar/grain and fruit intolerance?

Posted by TraciHey Dawn, there are some oils in The Resource List under oils that you could use for cooking and for dressings and stuff, like safflower oils.  There are a couple of these on there and there are also some sesame oils.  T

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthWell done, Traci!

To add to what Traci has already perfectly answered:  I have a couple of friends who are fruit intols, so when I bake/cook for them I use organic safflower oil that I know has been evaluated to be neutral.  It does alter the flavor some when cooking, but the other flavors in a recipe will provide a wonderfully tasty dish.  Depending on what you are cooking, try using aromatic herbs.  In health,

yucca root

Posted by Traci, 4th January, 2011:  Does anyone know where to find yucca root?  Having a difficult time finding it (Spokane area).  Thank ya. T

Posted by BonThe only place I have been able to find it is Winco.  Not a fun place to shop, but they often carry hard to find produce items.  You really have to look it over if you buy it there; it can be a bit sketchy;)

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthAs a postscript:  At this time of year it is difficult to get good yucca root (in the North-lands).  It is generally shipped from Costa Rica.  The weather up north in the winter is cold and damp, which is not conducive for yucca root to stay fresh and crispy.  It will tend to soften and rot sooner, so most stores are hesitant to bring it in now.  It is much easier to find in the warmer months, beginning in spring.  Winco sells yucca by us on the Pacific NW coast, but it is hit and miss now.  So disappointing!

Posted by Crystal:  I have seen yucca before at a Mexican deli called de Leons.  It is on Francis just east of Division St.  (Spokane)

Posted by traci:  Thank you for your responses, good info.  I have never handled yucca; I used to feed it to my horses in powder form for certain ailments, but that’s it.  Sounds like I should look for crispness? And is it similar to celery root as far as preparing?  I have only cooked celery root once and it is not something I would eat again, hope yucca is a better alternative to potato.  Oh...thought I would share this experience with you.  I went to an Asian market looking for yucca and there was only this one man in the store, and it was kind of comical because I am asking him questions while he looks like he is understanding.  Then I realize he is just nodding his head and not answering me, and he just did not understand the word yucca (not to mention any other word I was using).  The only thing he ever said to me is "what country?"  And of course, I hadn’t thought about that and had no answer for him.  Anyway, it was one of those uncomfortable experiences, but kind of funny to me.  Thanks sisters.  T

Posted by SandraThat's a cute story. Yucca root is also known as cassava, manioc, and tapioca.  It depends on what part of the world it is coming from.  It is a popular staple in the Pacific Islands, along with Taro root.  Maybe your friendly neighborhood store owner would have understood "manioc!"

Yucca is one of the best substitutes for potato that I have found.  It can be cooked just about any way that a potato can. Mashing it doesn't come out the same, though.  It is more gooey than mashed potatoes.  How I make it that way is to steam or boil it, then "mash" using electric mixer, mixing with milk and butter.  I allow it to stay chunky rather than completely smooth.  Then I place it in a baking dish and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at a temp of 375 to 400.  It will get a crust on the top, similar to that of twice stuffed potatoes. The variance of top texture and smooth underneath is delicious.  It makes for a good side dish.

clarifying butter

Posted by Traci, 6th January, 2011:  Sandra, I notice in a lot of the recipes it asks to clarify the butter after it is melted.   Is the purpose of this to remove the fat for a healthier meal or is there another reason?  And what is rice mirin, where to find it and what does it look like, is it a liquid in a jar or? Thanks.  T

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthHi Traci.
Re clarifying butter:  There is a health purpose, but more so a cooking purpose for clarifying butter.  The fat solids in butter will brown and burn if left to cook after the butter melts.  This can ruin the dish.  By removing the fat solids, the butter oil is retained, which will not burn.  Healthwise, removing the fat solids will lessen the calories.  There is controversy as to whether the fat also causes cholesterol issues, which is a whole other discussion onto itself!

Re rice mirin:  It is a type of rice cooking wine, but without the alcohol.  It is fermented and imparts a flavor similar to a light sherry; in other words, a slightly sweet flavor with the hint of pungency that alcohol often gives.  The brand I use is Eden.  The results from it being evaluated for hidden ingredients have changed in previous years, but it consistently was positive for fruit.  I will often use it, sparingly, as a flavor enhancer when sautéing vegetables or seafood, adding it at the last minute and allowing it to cook down with the burner heat turned off, the same as if cooking with alcohol.  It makes for a rich, delicious flavor.


main st market

Posted by Traci, 26th December, 2010:  Where is the new Main St. Market in Spokane?  Thanks.

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health:  The only location I can find for Main Street Market in Spokane is:  44 west Main Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202, (509) 458-2667


Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies (click to go to recipe, Posted by Bon).

sour dough starter

Posted by Traci, 26th December, 2010:  Hi Sandra, I was looking in the July newsletter for your sour dough starter recipe, and I just can’t find it.  I know I’ve seen it, just can’t remember where.  Thank you.

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthHi Traci, my sourdough recipe can be found in the recipes section, under Biscuits, Breads and Crackers:  Easy Sourdough Starter.  In health, Sandra

Posted by Traci: Thank you.  Wow, I looked there must have been tired and missed it.  T

sourdough starter (second thread)
Posted by Traci, 2nd January, 2011:  Hi Sandra, I made my first batch of sourdough starter on the 31st and so far so good.  When it is refrigerated and needs to be fed every week does one still need to discard half the mixture before adding more water and flour?  I noticed in the sourdough bread recipe, to make the sponge you need 2 cups of the starter.  It just doesn’t seem like there would be enough.  Somewhere you had referred to a newsletter that was dedicated to bread making; can you please remind me what newsletter that is and does it cover all the what, whys and hows of the sourdough starter ?  Thank you. Hope you had a nice (CHRIST)mas and new year.  Rookie Traci
Posted by
Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health:  Hi Traci, I found the newsletter the original recipe and instructions were included in:  July 2009

After over a year's worth of experience using the sourdough starter, this is my routine:  Begin the sourdough starter per instructions, i.e., 1/2 cup water to 1/2 cup flour.  Mix well.  Make sure no metal touches the starter.  I put mine in a glass jar and stir with either a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula.  The cover must have air holes to allow the starter to breathe.  I keep the jar of starter on the counter overnite.  The next day I mix another 1/2 cup of each into the starter and keep at room temp on the counter.  The next day I repeat the process, either adding a cup of each or 1/2 cup and repeat again another day.  You can also do 1 cup per day, then refrigerate, which will make a milder sourdough.  The more it sits out, the tangier it gets!

When ready to use, I add about 1 tsp. of agave syrup to my sponge.  It gives it something to feed off of, and agave is a "neutral" sweetener - safe for everyone.  It will also be a small part of the next batch. Then start the process over.  I know the recipe says to feed - or add to - the starter every week, but it depends on how often you make bread.  For me, I generally make bread once a week.  If you have a family of several who eat bread, you may go through it every day.  In that case, use 2 cups of each water and flour to make your starter and let it set out overnite, until ready to use the next day.

Does that help?  I’m happy to help you walk through the process any way I can.  In health,
P.S.  A quick way to go to a specific newsletter issue is to click on the archives of articles, then scroll down to the date of issue. 

PPS:  I forgot to address if 2 cups of starter is enough.  Yes, it is.  The recipe calls for 2 cups starter, then you add a cup each more of flour and water to it.  That is the sponge.

Traci:  Yes, thank you; that does help.  So, there is no need to discard half of starter before feeding it?  It has been 2 days and there is a little bubbling on top.  Is it ready, and if it is and I am not ready to make the bread yet, should I refrigerate it?  Or is it ok to continue to feed it for a day or two and leave it out?  Thank you so much for your help.  I may be pestering you for a while on this subject.  Oh, and wanted to let you know I am using Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat White Flour; I think this is the one you said you use but it hasn’t been tested for a long time.  I am going to have it tested this week.  Good evening.  T

Hi, me again.  When the starter does go in the refrigerator, does it still need to breathe or should it have a tighter lid?  Thanks again (for now).  T

Posted by Sandra:  Hi Traci, "pester on"!  It is my pleasure to be able to help you all.

I notice that the original recipe that I took from John Ross suggests discarding half the mixture.  I have neglected to do that.  I should try following such directions to see if it makes a difference in how well the starter works.  I have just been continuing to add to it until there is 2 cups' worth.  Then, it can be used immediately to make the sponge, or placed in the refrigerator.  The recipe calls for adding 1 cup each of flour and water to the starter, which equals 4 cups.  The bread calls for using 2 cups.  The remainder becomes the starter for the next batch.  It would probably be wise to follow these original instructions for best results.  Although I generally have good results, sometimes I don't and have to start over again.  It could be caused by less than ideal temperature conditions, or it didn't have enough new ingredients to work off of. It is more difficult to get it right in the winter here in the Pacific Northwest, as it is cold and damp.  I try to keep the sponge close (but not too close) to the wood stove for warmth.  In the summer the warm temps are perfect for sourdough bread making.

If you are not ready to use it and want to continue to feed it for a day or two, that would be ok.  However, it will make a stronger sour starter.  When I refrigerate mine, I keep the same lid on with holes so it can breathe.  You can also use cheesecloth with holes in it.  I use a sprout jar top on mine which helps to keep those pesky fruit flies out of it.  It has a metal screen on it, though, so I have to be very careful not to allow any of the sourdough batter to get close to it.
I’ve got a new sponge going now.  I took the starter out of the refrigerator last nite to bring to room temp.  It is really cold here outside now, so it will be interesting to see if I can maintain a proper temp for it to work and make for a bread that rises.  I have had the bread turn into more like a flat bread, which makes for better bread crumbs or croutons than slices of toast!

Practice makes progress!  Keep us posted on your results.  In health,

Sandra:  Follow up on bread making this week: Because our weather was in the 20's and the house stayed chillier than usual (every time door opens frigid air breezes in), it took 2 days to complete the bread making process!  One day was spent allowing the sponge to work and then the dough to be made and allowed to rise.  The next day the dough was shaped into a loaf and placed in an oiled glass loaf pan, with the top of the bread oiled as well, so as to keep it from drying out.  Finally, late last evening the bread had risen enough to bake.  It turned out delicious; however, it didn't want to come out of the pan.  So I decided to leave it as is, and cut slices from the pan as needed.  (Afternote:  the following day the bread popped out of the pan very nicely.  Guess it just needed to rest.)

It is so much easier to make sourdough bread in warmer conditions!  In health,

Maple sugar

Posted by Dawn, 3rd January, 2011:  I read in my resource list that I received, maple sugar can be substituted 1:1 for brown sugar in recipes.  Can maple syrup be used as a substitute instead, as maple sugar is quite expensive?

Posted by
Traci:  Hey Dawn. Traci here, again.  I use a lot of maple granules and you’re right, they are expensive; but I also use honey and maple syrup, depending on what I am making.  I know you can use both in baking and sometimes I’ll use a mixture of both, and even agave.  I guess you have to adjust the cooking time with honey (lower temp, longer time), just kind of trial and error.  That’s what I’ve done and, of course, asking questions, which you’re doing.  I’m sure Sandra can help more.  Good luck, Traci

Posted by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of HealthYes, maple syrup is a great
substitute for brown sugar.  That is what I use.  Depending on what you're cooking or baking, you may have to adjust the dry ingredients to compensate for the liquid.  Do you have a specific recipe in mind that I can help you adjust?  In health, Sandra

* When posting a question or comment on The Forum to a thread that is not recent (within the current week), PLEASE CREATE A NEW THREAD, even if the topic has been discussed at a prior time. This way, new entries won’t get unintentionally missed. *

The Forum is a great way to make new friends!

It is a great opportunity for you to share tips, meals, recipes and any other information to help support and educate each other!



Printing out the full conversations in the Newsletter from The Forum takes up a lot of space.  This means more pages to print out for you.  One thought is to print the question/comment and give you the link to go directly to the category and thread in The Forum.  For example: 

Category FOOD QUESTIONS: Is there a homeopath for stinging nettle? 
Posted by Sandy, 23rd November, 2009.  What natural remedy can I use for relief of prickly stinging from coming in contact with stinging nettles?

PLEASE SHARE YOUR COMMENTS AS TO WHAT YOU PREFER.  This service is for you and we want to make it as easy for you to gain all the necessary information that we can. Thank you.  Sandra





REMINDER: IMPORTANT!  Per the request of Dr. Zeff, we will continue to print this message in every newsletter from now on. It is an important issue that we believe needs to always be addressed:
On occasion, a subscriber will ask our doctors a question regarding a food intolerance and their responses will slightly differ. This has sometimes caused confusion and has been expressed directly to one of our doctors by several patients.

Per Dr. Zeff: “…most likely, we are not evaluating foods for, e.g., potato content. We are evaluating a food against a blood sample of a person with a known potato intolerance…” Test results for one patient to a food can vary from another patient, even though they are intolerant to the same food category. So, Dr. Watrous may determine a different result than Dr. Zeff, or any of the other doctors who competently perform this testing, because they are testing a patient’s specific blood sample to a specific food sample. As Dr. Zeff puts it, “It is one of the peculiarities of the methodology.

For this reason, we constantly emphasize throughout the Song of Health website that the information found on the website is a guide only. If you have any personal issues with a product, in other words, a test evaluation shows a food should be o.k. for you to eat, yet you have a reaction to it anyway, we suggest you refrain from consuming it until you have it tested for you personally.

Always, always, always consult your physician with any medical issues you may be experiencing, any drugs you have questions about or your medical care. Our purpose is to help you to determine what foods are included in food intolerance categories.  All other information, including articles, are for educational purposes, and is not meant to replace your doctor’s care for you.  We are set up as a support team for doctor, patient and subscriber.  There are many questions Song of Health can answer for you, and we encourage you to ask us first, in regards to food and food intolerances.  All other medical discussions should be directed to your physician.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.  We are here to support you and your efforts to claim and maintain great health by refraining from your food intolerances. In Health, Sandra Strom


Each month we bring you articles on a myriad of topics regarding health and environmental issues. The main focus of Song of Health is to avail you of expert information on the Carroll Food Intolerance dietary methods. This is the first step to getting and staying well. We feel, however, that there are also many other interesting and important issues to be aware of. It is our goal to share, with you, our findings on what may have a cause and effect on our healthy lives.



I am subscribed to receive updates to environmental and health policies from the Environmental Protection Agency.  Each month I will select those I feel are pertinent to share with you, and bring to your attention.  Sandra

EPA Forms New Group to Increase Tribes’ Role in Chemical Management and Pollution Prevention Activities
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is forming a new tribal committee toprovide tribes with an opportunity for greater input on issues related to toxic chemicals and pollution prevention. The move is part of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s priority to build strong tribal partnerships and expand the conversation on environmental justice.
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EPA Requires Testing of 19 Widely Used Chemicals
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Remember that eating our food intolerances can have a dramatic effect on our moods as well as other symptoms we discuss, ad infinitum.


By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health

Happy New Year, Subscribers.  It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to share the opportunities of the days ahead with you.

We have been given a great opportunity to regain and maintain well being by learning what our food intolerances are, and then the “tools for recovery.”  Those tools include continuing treatments by our Nature Doctors, information provided at Song of Health, and the option to share with each other our successes - and failures - on the Road of Health.

Often, I have been asked the questions:  “How long does it take for the pain to go away?”  “How do I know if this is working?”  “Should I be doing something differently, as I don’t feel any different?” 

If you haven’t questioned the Carroll methods of avoiding food intolerances yourself, I’m sure you’ve heard it from someone else.  The skeptic, the defeated, the hopeful, the successful --- we have all been, at one point or another, somewhere in that equation.  It’s not easy to maintain a positive attitude on the Food Intolerance Path if you suffer from discomfort.

The truth of Life is that it is perfect but we are not!  The body is designed as a healing machine, however “a spoke, or a moving part” in the machine may be damaged, broken, or even missing.  As in the case of the alcoholic who makes the life-saving decision to become a recovering one, Life doesn’t then, and all of a sudden, turn to blue skies and pretty smelling roses.  True, those uplifting gifts are present at times, maybe even often.  Just because we choose a healing path, however, it doesn’t guarantee us immediate release from our sickened condition.  As the alcoholic learns that it takes time to heal his brain and body from the wreckage of years, and to have hope that each day builds into a month into a year and, finally, into a place of serenity, so we must believe in the process of healing.

As our bodies are given the opportunity to detox from the poisons we continually used to dump in it, it is now afforded the environment in which it is meant to function.  As we often mention, the body is a healing machine --- if we give it what it needs and not what will harm it.  I am intolerant to potato, so if I consume potato, it’s as if I threw a wrench in the spoke.  I can suddenly hear the squealing of brakes as my body is stopped in its tracks.  The immune system hears sirens for help and immediately kicks itself into overdrive --- forced to work overtime.  I begin to feel exhausted, not to mention discomfort.  The Great Healing Machine finds it difficult to maintain wellness and, instead, begins to slip into an acute, maybe even a chronic condition.  The further down it slips from wellness, the further it will have to go back up, through the healing process, to find itself in the Land of Well once more. 

Our staff doctor, Letitia Dick, ND, has been a non-stop pioneer in refining the detection of food intolerance categories in foods and other consumer products.  She has observed and recognized how even minute quantities of a food intolerance, hidden inconspicuously, can cause an effect in how a person feels.  As it often is with blessings, they may feel like a curse at first.  Having to constantly refer to The Food Resource List to learn if a favored food is now our poison is irritating, confusing, and frustrating, to say the least.  Darn our doctor anyway!  Why couldn’t we just eat our favorite cheese if we’re not intolerant to dairy?  Why do we now have to be aware of further nuances, such as the salt in the cheese?  Make no mistake…Dr. Dick is our blessing!  Through the detailed, tenacious evaluations by her and her associate Dr. Caryn Potenza, our supporting staff doctor, avoiding our food intolerances is becoming something of a science!  We are given the opportunity to understand why we may not be feeling good even though we were very diligent at avoiding our personal poisons.  Granted, some people can eat anything and don’t appear to be affected by any of it.  Most of us, though, aren’t made with cast iron bellies. 

There may be an average scale of return to health for the amount of time we were ill; however, we are unique in our own condition.  If we don’t appear to heal as fast as the next guy, it may be normal for our person.  On the other hand, it may be a sign that we need to delve more deeply into potential causes.  This should be done with the guidance of your physician, who not only can diagnose specific conditions, they can administer treatment that will boost the healing process.

The bottom line is, the more we can avoid, the better we’ll be.  It is to our benefit to be as conscientious as possible about what we eat.  This does not imply that we should beat ourselves up when we have a “slip,” knowing- or unknowingly.  It happens, and it will happen.  Many tools are available to help us, but the “science” isn’t perfect…yet.  And we will never be perfect; but we strive to improve our habits and lifestyle; consequently, our health improves.

Another note:  Because you may still feel discomfort --- sometimes from time to time, sometimes more often --- you may believe there is no improvement.  I suggest taking a serious look back to how badly you felt all the time before embarking on avoiding your food intolerances.  If the changes have been subtle rather than suddenly life-altering, you may discover a new perspective on your progress when you compare your condition  today with where you came from.

I wish you many blessings for improving habits toward great health and happiness in this year 2011.  We can accomplish this best when we share our experiences, strength and hope with each other. 

To All my Relations, Sandra


Dr Harold Dick


“Every dis-ease known to humans is created in our digestion system”
(Dr. Harold Dick, N.D.)




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*  The ingredients for all the recipes are coded for food intolerance items.

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~ We recommend you use Celtic sea salt, which is Neutral and pure.



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Use the codes below to translate the Results Column.

All =
Bad for All
Ms =
Mine Salt
D =
N =
Neutral for All
E =
P =
F =
Sf =
G =
Ss =
Sea Salt
H =
S =
M =
Sy =


* As items are submitted and analyzed by our staff doctors, they are then added to the Food Resource List on the Song of Health website. We compile the updated lists to email to you as well.

* The items are listed per category.

* By listing the “Date Evaluated” you can be assured of the most recent updates.

* Under the “Evaluated For” column, “ALL” signifies that the product has been analyzed for all food categories included in the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation Method.

In some cases, you will see ingredients listed in the “Results” column that are ot included in “Evaluated For.” This is due to: 1) the ingredient has been listed on the packaging; 2) or it is obviously in the stated category; 3) or our doctors evaluated for more than what was asked for. For example, results for milk will be “dairy (D).”

* Under “Purchased At” we furnish where the product was purchased, whenever the information is available, in the newsletter. (Most brand foods considered “natural” or organic products may be found at your local natural foods store.) We are not able to show the “Purchased At” column on the website, however.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
. We are happy to help!

* SHOPPING SUGGESTION: Do you have a Blackberry, Iphone or other mobile smart phone with internet capability?  I use mine as my shopping tool!  Just log in to your account at Song of, go to The Food Resource List, and verify products as you shop!








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