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Jan 08 Newsletter
March 08 Newsletter

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In this issue:


Sharing Experiences
Food “Ain’t” What It Used To Be

By Sandra Strom, CEO SOH

Article: Allopathy versus Naturopathy
By Dr. Letitia Watrous, N.D.



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IT WAS BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION BY A SUBSCRIBER THAT THE FOOD RESOURCE LIST WOULD BE FAR MORE USEFUL IF YOU KNEW WHAT HIDDEN INGREDIENTS THE FOODS WERE ACTUALLY TESTED FOR AS WELL AS THE RESULTS. The next Food Resource Update that you will receive has already been tested, prior to this request. Future updates will include the column “TESTED FOR.” This way you will know if a food was tested for potato, for example, and the RESULTS column will verify whether potato is a hidden ingredient. We strive to improve on how we can help you and appreciate your participation in this process.


We now have a section called Subscriber’s Testimonials. Its purpose is to help those who still suffer but are not confident that our dietary lifestyle will work for them. By hearing and reading about how our lives were dramatically changed we can help them to step through the door toward wellness. WE WOULD BE HONORED TO INCLUDE YOUR STORY about how you came to follow the Dr. Carroll Food Intolerance way of life. We reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling correctness, however we will not change your story content. Please email your contribution to Thank you for helping us to achieve our goal of reaching out to as many people as possible in order to offer them hope.


From our subscribers…

January 24, 2008.
Hi! Thanks so much for the wonderful web page and newsletter. I really appreciate having such an awesome source of ideas.   I was just thinking of some ideas that would be really helpful for me:

- A list of neutral foods that anyone can eat, unless it is tainted. It is so overwhelming when first starting because it feels like I can't eat anything. For me it would be really encouraging to see a list of neutrals that I know I can safely prepare for my family. Examples would be legumes, vegetables, all neutral oils, sweeteners, spices, neutral nuts, etc. Then people could refer to the food resource guide to see which ones are tainted… 

- …Menu ideas, especially for cooking for multiple intolerances.  I really appreciated the newsletter where you shared about how you balanced cooking for a bunch of people with different needs while camping.  I would love to read more of that!!
Thanks, Shannon


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Posted by Sadie L., January 4th, 2008:
I'm confused about how the combination intolerances work. As it was explained to me, the Carroll Method determines which foods a person's body just does not make the proper enzymes to digest. My combination is fruit/sugar at 6 hours. I'm struggling to understand how even a little bit of something that is tainted with sugar can cause problems. If I have enzymes to digest sugar and fruit individually, based on simple laws of chemistry, shouldn't there be a threshold or limiting factor amount of each I could have until all the enzymes are used up and then can no longer digest either? Could you explain why a negligible amount (so little as to not be labeled) can ferment the whole amount of food consumed?

The problem with the combinations is a different problem. The assumption is that although these foods can digest separately, the difficult combination seems to ferment faster then it digests. This generally is seen as bloating and gassiness, but there may be other manifestations. In addition, the fermentation has a weakening effect on digestion overall, and we see some of the problems created by the primary intolerant food(s).
Jared Zeff, N.D.

Please post your replies to our other subscribers at THE FORUM.
Thank you.


By Sandra Strom, CEO

Food “Ain’t” What It Used To Be

February is the month that gives us the holiday for remembering sweethearts and loved ones. Just a reminder, let’s love ourselves by treating our hearts to well being. Let’s be good to ourselves, honor our gift of life and remember that we are loved by others. Let’s eat in a good way!

A few days ago, while driving, I was aimlessly flipping radio stations and came upon a discussion on health and omega 3 fatty acids. Catching my attention, I actually listened to the discussion between the radio host and a chiropractor, who was promoting an omega 3 product. Omega 3’s are essential to our well-being and promote normal healthy growth. Some research studies link the consumption of omega 3 intake with a healthy circulatory system, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and even helping in reducing depression, plus more. What impressed me was how important it is for us to be aware of what our bodies require and what is sorely lacking in our foods today but what was very prevalent in the foods of yesteryear, and why.

Why are our foods lacking in essentials today when they weren’t in the beginning of the twentieth century?

Looking at animal foods: Chickens were allowed to run and eat free range, picking up all sorts of grubby things, seeds, fresh greens – all vital feed for the making of omegas and producing those wonderfully tasting eggs with thick, orange yolks. Roosters commingled with the hens to produce fertilized eggs, which is believed to actually increase the nutrition of the food. Cattle were also raised free range, eating fresh grasses. Today the majority of meat animals are cooped up, pigs and cattle are each corralled into crowded feedlots and fed antibiotics to prevent disease, which is so prevalent in feedlot conditions. They are fed treated corn to fatten them up and hormones to make them grow abnormally fast. This process not only decreases the amount of omega 3’s in the food product, it also adds chemical residues from the pesticides and/or herbicides sprayed on the growing crops, which are then fed to the animals and consequently enters their systems, which are then fed to the public and, guess what? The chemicals consequently are ingested through human consumption.

Mountains of research are continually being published on potential hazardous causes of chemical sprays to our environment and our health. Not to mention the increase of irregular growth behavior in children due to growth hormones transferred from meat and dairy products into the diet and increased incidences of dangerous cholesterol and heart disease caused by unhealthy consumption.

What about our fresh vegetables and fruits? Several things have changed in the method of growing crops. In “the good old days” crops were not grown with chemical sprays. Obviously not old enough to have lived through the depression I am, however, actually old enough to remember finding a green worm or two in the lettuce from the grocery store – there were no “super stores” - when I was a kid! Today, “agribiz” employs farming methods to increase fast-growing production and no worms. The farm soil is sorely lacking in nutrients due to the lack of crop rotation, not allowing the land to rest and applications of chemical use. The food is, consequently, also lacking in the nutrients it once boasted.

Another change in our fresh vegetable consumption is the easy access to foods being trucked in from other parts of the country or neighboring countries. It is far more healthy to eat the foods that are natural to our local environment, which is how nature prescribes our availability to foods. Quite often, the foods being trucked in are sprayed with a chemical to keep them from spoiling. So not only are we not eating foods found locally, we are also paying for adulterated products.

Here comes the plug for eating organically raised, non-GMO foods as much as possible, and buying locally and in season. Up here in the northwest we aren’t as fortunate as those of you living in the south. Our environment dictates that we eat root vegetables in the winter. I am confessing that I still buy organic broccoli in January!

This is the bottom line of eating to stay well: The first, and most important step is to refrain from eating our food intolerances. Secondly, we add as much organically grown, fresh foods to our diet as possible and last, we eliminate processed foods completely. What a goal! Very few of us can boast perfection at accomplishing such a feat. I can guarantee, the more we follow these simple, maybe not easy, suggestions the greater we will feel.

In Health,
Sandra Strom


By Dr. Letitia Watrous, N.D.

How do you decide between going to your MD or your ND? That is the question.

At some point, when faced with illness everyone must decide what type or method of health care to seek out. Many people don’t even know they have a choice between Allopathy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Oriental medicine, Homeopathy or others.

Allopathy is what we call traditional western medicine in the U.S. Allopaths (MD’s) are well trained in scientific diagnosis but their approach to healing does not support normal body physiology or the body’s ability to heal itself. Allopathic treatment protocols are the same for everyone and will usually be a drug to suppress a symptom or a surgery to remove a decayed or non-functional body part. Often this type of medicine is a last ditch effort when disease has gone beyond repair. It is invasive and extreme. Allopathy is summarized as the “burn, cut, or poison approach”. This type of care should be utilized as the last resort, not the first.

Why wait to take extreme measures at the end of the disease? Why not correct the problems and support healing before you get to that point? Accept responsibility for your health and fitness so that you aren’t faced with turning over your health and life to an Allopath for extreme measures. Prevention is the best cure.

We all are faced with tough decisions in our lives. At times, emergency surgery is the best option. At times chemotherapy or radiation is logical. At times insulin therapy for diabetes is the best health care option. Healing after a surgery or cancer therapy or during long-term medical care, such as with diabetes, can be optimized by Naturopathy.

Naturopathy uses traditional medical lab diagnosis and imaging as well as subtle diagnostic techniques, such as pulses, heart tones, reflexes, the specific symptoms presented by a patient, iridology and others. The treatment protocols are individualized for a patient and their health problem, whether it is a chronic problem such as MS, or an acute infection like mononucleosis. There are never two patients with the same cold symptoms. There are never two patients with the same sore throat. One may have ear pain when swallowing. The other will feel better upon swallowing but hurts with coughing. The individual manifests a disease differently, depending upon their vital expression of the infection. Why would you assume then, that the same medicine would treat both patients equally as well? That is why Naturopathy is different. We treat the patient who is sitting in front of us. The sore throat that their body is manifesting is an expression of their metabolic imbalances.

It is often a misconception that natural medicine won’t work as fast and that perhaps someone will miss more time from work or school if they treat a pneumonia infection, for example, with homeopathy, herbs, and hydrotherapy. We have found this to be just the opposite. Commonly, a pneumonia patient will take only 3 to 5 days of therapy at Windrose Clinic and will then be back to work without using IV steroid or antibiotic drugs. Usual Allopathic treatments will take 2 to 3 weeks on heavy doses of medications and even hospitalizations. A migraine headache can be relieved and resolved in a manner of minutes instead of days, utilizing hydrotherapy and homeopathy. Natural medicine is powerful, fast, and effective.

So, how do you know when to see an MD (a.k.a. Allopath) or a specialist in the Allopathic world? This is a very individualized choice. Here are some things to consider in making your choice:

Do you have a clear diagnosis of your condition? Your Naturopath can help you understand your diagnosis and refer you to a specialist for further work-up or care, as needed.
If you have an MD work up your diagnosis, they will only look narrowly at your concern and treat specifically. They will not connect the dots and tell you that your irritable bowel disease is related to your diet. In the Allopathic world diet, lifestyle, and stress don’t affect your disease and thus don’t factor into your healing plan.

Will you have a clear objective and be well educated about your condition before seeking care so as to not be overwhelmed into making a rash or quick decision? Some health problems do need immediate action, but many can wait for a second opinion or even further diagnostic work to make a sound decision on the course of action you desire. Naturopaths are well trained to educate and guide you through this process.

Naturopathic physicians are educated at the Naturopathic medical universities to clearly understand clinical and physical diagnosis, pharmaceutical drugs, surgery techniques, and diagnostic imaging. We are also specialists in the field of nutritional medications, allergy and intolerance diagnosis and detoxification. We have trained for years to know when to refer our patients for more defined diagnostic techniques such as MRI and PET scans, ultrasounds or biopsy. We also refer patients to specialists for endoscopies, hearing tests, laparoscopies, colon biopsies, etc. We counsel patients on their diagnosis, review their lab and imaging reports, educate and answer all health questions. We are patient advocates and health coaches.

It is accepted and expected for Naturopaths to be utilized as primary care physicians. We will refer you to Allopathic doctors if we need clarification of diagnosis or need to enlist their expertise in patient case management. This often occurs at Windrose Clinic in the case of diabetic patients or someone with breast cancer, thyroid hormone difficulties or a structural injury such as a slipped disc in the back. We are good team players.

If you have gone to an Allopath or seek their care first before coming to a Naturopath, understand that we will want copies of all of your previous lab and diagnostic workup. We utilize this information in your case evaluation. Always, the more information you can provide to us the better we can do our jobs.

The advantage of consulting a Naturopath is the depth of care you receive. On average, the initial office visit with us is 60 minutes. Allopaths will usually only spend 10 minutes and may get aggravated with you if you ask them questions regarding clarification of your concerns. Naturopaths will listen and counsel you. Our job is to take your full case history and treat you as an entire living being. One part of you cannot be separated from any other part of you. What you eat, breath, drink and think affects your cells, your organs and your total health and longevity.

To summarize, if you are injured severely, go to the hospital emergency room. If you have an urgent health emergency, such as with burns, chest pain, choking, drowning, accidents, acute or severe pain seek immediate help and call 911. This will save your life and your Naturopath would tell you to do this also.

If you need other health care that is not an emergency, call your Naturopath. We strive to provide the best of care with a holistic life support view.

Please see our national association website for further information on Naturopathic medicine and the roles we play in health care.

In Health,
Dr. Letitia Watrous



(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO Song of Health)

This recipe contains dairy, fruit, grain (sesame oil), seafood

1 can smoked baby clams
2-3 Tbsp. fresh cilantro, finely chopped
2 Tbsp. leek or green onion, finely diced
3 Tbsp. lime juice
1 clove fresh garlic, chopped and pressed
1 or 2 drops sesame chili oil or Tabasco sauce
1 pint sour cream

Drain clams, rinse in strainer, then finely chop. Add cilantro, leek or onion, lime juice, garlic and hot sauce. Mix with a fork. Add sour cream and mix well. Refrigerate at least an hour before eating so the flavors have a chance to “age” together.


Together, we strive for. . .


Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom


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