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August, 2009

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Stories, Comments, Questions Asked
and Answers

“Convincing Others Our Methods Are Best?”
By Sandra Strom,  CEO of Song of Health

Mushroom and Cream Appetizer


The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, co-founded by our renowned Doctors Letitia “Tish” Dick, N.D. and Jared Zeff, N.D., is an educational opportunity for Naturopathic physicians and students to further their education in the traditional methods of Naturopathy, not otherwise taught in the Naturopathic colleges. This is where physicians and students learn how to perform the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation method, constitutional hydrotherapy and other important methods of traditional natural healing.

Song of Health and The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing work together to reach as many people as possible, to educate and help understand the importance of avoiding personal food intolerances, applying traditional Naturopathic methods of healing and naturally restoring the body to health.

We invite everyone to contact us with any questions you may have regarding these methods.

Song of actively promotes physicians and professionals who support our work and companies who act with integrity and are honest their products and services.
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WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK RE THE FOOD RESOURCE LIST:  Entries in the Food Resource List made prior to 9/07 do not include what a product was evaluated for. We understand this may be causing some confusion and are considering deleting the entries prior to 9/07 from the Food Resource List.  
Please give us your suggestions/comments. Thank you.
The Song of Health Team


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REMINDER: IMPORTANT!  We will continue to print this message in every newsletter from now on. It is an important issue that we believe needs to always be addressed:
On occasion, a subscriber will ask our doctors a question regarding a food intolerance and their responses will slightly differ. This has sometimes caused confusion and has been expressed directly to one of our doctors by several patients.

Per Dr. Zeff: “…most likely, we are not evaluating foods for, e.g., potato content. We are evaluating a food against a blood sample of a person with a known potato intolerance…” Test results for one patient to a food can vary from another patient, even though they are intolerant to the same food category. So, Dr. Watrous may determine a different result than Dr. Zeff, or any of the other doctors who competently perform this testing, because they are testing a patient’s specific blood sample to a specific food sample. As Dr. Zeff puts it, “It is one of the peculiarities of the methodology.

”For this reason, we constantly emphasize throughout the Song of Health website that the information found on the website is a guide only. If you have any personal issues with a product, in other words, a test evaluation shows a food should be o.k. for you to eat, yet you have a reaction to it anyway, we suggest you refrain from consuming it until you have it tested for you personally.

Always, always, always consult your physician with any medical issues you may be experiencing, any drugs you have questions about or your medical care. Our purpose is to help you to determine what foods are included in food intolerance categories. All other information, including articles, are for educational purposes, and is not meant to replace your doctor’s care for you. We are set up as a support team for doctor, patient and subscriber. There are many questions Song of Health can answer for you, and we encourage you to ask us first, in regards to food and food intolerances. What we are not qualified to answer directly, we refer to our doctors and they, in return email their responses to us. You may consider Song of Health as your information center.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are here to support you and your efforts to claim and maintain great health by refraining from your food intolerances and learning about other natural health issues.
In Health,
Sandra Strom


Questions Emailed to us:

From Tami:  Do you know of anything that will help fever blisters or cold sores? My lips broke out "bad" with them. I've tried Carmax, Blistex, and bear grease. Nothing seems to help. If you know of anything please get back to me.
Reply from Dr. Tish:  Fever blisters are a type of herpes and need to be treated systemically. Please have Tami contact her Naturopath and discuss the disease and treatment. ~ Dr. Tish

From Subscriber requesting to stay Anonymous: Hi Sandra. I have not forgotten about consulting you but I am not too sure you would want to work with me anyway. I am in a very deep depression and I can't seem to motivate coming up with questions. I eat the same things everyday. I go to a local organic market and juice twice a day everyday and eat boiled eggs and sometimes free range chicken. I haven't really gotten any better symptom-wise, from my illness from getting rid of the fruit. I also have gastroparesis and thought it would have at least helped with that, but it hasn't. So, I am not sure I am going to be one to benefit from food intolerance. I have also been seeing Dr. Norman SuHu for 2 months, twice a week, and again I have not sought any relief.

Maybe some just don't get better??

I don't have a kitchen either so it is making life difficult at the moment. I just can't see eliminating fruit, but is eating the same foods every single day any healthier, if you know what I mean? Anonymous
Reply from Sandra: I guess I need a little more info about your condition in order to determine what we can do for getting you on foods that will benefit you. Just a reminder, I'm not a licensed nutritionist. I am only able to help with what to avoid and how to substitute with a good handle on how to get the balanced nutrition you need.

*First, I am assuming that Dr. SuHu is aware of your deep depression and is treating you for it?
* Second, I have yet to find a person who has not benefited greatly by abstaining from their food intolerances. I'm wondering if you're not, unknowingly, still consuming your food intolerance. May I ask, what is in the juicing drink that you are consuming every day? Are you eating fresh salads with romaine or spinach? You can use oil (not olive) and rice or grain vinegar that have been evaluated fruit-free as a dressing. (Refer to The Food Resource List.) I do not believe in eating the exact same foods every day, since there are so many options within the food categories that you are able to eat. You are potentially missing out on essential nutrients by not varying your intake. There are some foods, however, that I would consider just fine for every day. For instance, broccoli is an excellent source of calcium, as well as some vitamins, including C and E. Carrots are another good everyday food. I can work with you on different options that I believe you will find enjoyable as well as nutritious.

* I had to look up the definition of your condition, gastroparesis. Here is what Wikipedia defines it as:
  "Gastroparesis, also called delayed gastric emptying, is a medical condition consisting of a paresis (partial paralysis) of the stomach, resulting in food remaining in the stomach for a longer period of time than normal. Normally, the stomach contracts to move food down into the small intestine for digestion. The vagus nerve controls these contractions.  Gastroparesis may occur when the vagus nerve is damaged and the muscles of the stomach and intestines do not work normally. Food then moves slowly or stops moving through the digestive tract."

Are you aware that: Consuming food intolerance causes a condition where the body is not able to digest the food before it putrefies in the digestive system, due to a lack of enzymes, making the body incapable of processing food properly?  Sound familiar????  

Another website stated that the chronic condition can cause nerve damage:
"Gastroparesis happens when nerves to the stomach are damaged or stop working. The vagus nerve controls the movement offood through the digestive tract.  If the vagus nerve is damaged, the muscles of the stomach and intestines do not work normally, and the movement of food is slowed or stopped."

This is serious damage to the digestive system. If your condition has progressed to this point prior to learning of your food intolerances and eliminating them from your diet, it will take time for the healing process to occur, by reversing the disease. Please refer to the discussions and diagram at Song of Health. You can click here to go to the diagram on the public page or login and click on the diagram on your subscribers’ home page. There, you will be directed to discussions of this healing process. Am I correct to assume that Dr. SuHu has prescribed you natural treatments/medications to aid in the healing process?

I know this all takes patience, and I sympathize with you. Yet, look at the alternatives - You can either take this way of healing with both hands on the reins, or...continue to do what you've done before and accept the consequences of never getting better. We are all here to help you and support you on the healing path. In some form or another, we have all been through the struggle that you feel so embroiled in.

Does this help you at all? Please keep me posted. I pray you find some sense of progress and solace soon. In Health, Sandra

From Diane: Hi Sandra. Thank you for your email and inquiry.

I have been a client of the Windrose Naturopathic Clinic for about 10 months, but had never heard of your website until I happened to see a brochure in the waiting room on my last visit to their clinic. When I asked about it I found out that your website had been available for a couple of months.I was intrigued, hoping to find information that would make this extremely tedious, time-consuming, very costly, yet-wonderfully-effective-if-followed-properly-to-the-"enth"-degree-system, a little more "do-able". However, after reviewing your website, I see it is just as tedious and time-consuming for you and everyone else as well! When it comes to finding and preparing food, I admit I feel like I am having to "re-invent the wheel" on a daily basis in dealing with my Dairy, Soy and Grain-Potato issues.I live in an area that has very limited and poor quality organic and non-organic vegetables and no organic meat available.

I agree with you - there is a lot to read on your website! After reading through it, though, sadly, I have to admit, I am just as overwhelmed as before. The alternative, however, to NOT complying with the dietary requirements is just not acceptable either, so I will just keep on keeping on and will hopefully find information that comes out on Song of Health to help me along the way. I do realize that a single website and the people that are involved in running it can not possibly meet every need of every person.You have, obviously, taken on a monumental task, but the website does lack in the important area - the section on tested foods. Let's face it - this is the most necessary section for us! I would think that after years of working this system that there would be a data base of this critical component for the success of treatment!You are, therefore, asking too high a price for membership at this stage of the website’s development. In addition, the price you ask for food testing is unreasonably high, especially coupled with that of the site's membership cost and the costs of the in-office medical services along with the cost of daily supplements and remedies we all pay for out-of-pocket as insurance does not cover them.I am already burdened with the long term effects of unknowingly eating the wrong foods for 57 years and since learning of this amazing information from the Windrose Naturopathic Clinic, am putting forth a great amount of effort and cost to correct that. I was just hoping for a little more help. The best to you and your staff, Diane
Reply from Sandra: Hello Diane.
Thank you for your candid reply. It helps to know how we can better serve our subscribers and the only way we can do that is to hear from you as to what is working for you and what is not.

We strive to do our best to help in identifying what foods to stay away from. We hope that by applying both the Food Category List, which identifies specific foods, chemicals and derivatives, supplemented by the Food Resource List, the process is made easier and safer for you. We can understand the frustrations of trying to find an easy solution to avoiding personal food intolerances and it is my personal goal to help in any way I can as an aide for you and your physician. I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a food product.

Re The Food Resource List: The Food Resource List is compiled of products that have been submitted to either Windrose Clinic or Salmon Creek Clinic, mostly by patients. Doctors Dick and Potenza, at Windrose, have been making a concerted effort to evaluate the products for as much as possible, as well as for the patient's specific request, in hopes of helping as many people as possible. It is a complicated and time-consuming process to analyze the foods and is, therefore, done upon request rather than the doctors evaluating random items off the shelf. We then offer the evaluation results for everyone's benefit. This specific information is found ONLY at Song of The challenge we all have is that food manufacturers often change ingredients in their products, which means we must always read the ingredients list on the labels. What we hope the Food Categories List will help you with is to identify potential "red flag" ingredients in a product. For instance, when "salt" is listed, it is probably judicious for a potato-intolerant person to refrain from that food until it has been evaluated, to be sure that the salt does not contain potato starch, as most mined salt products and some sea-salt products do.

Another example is "Vitamin A Palmitate." If you look on the "Fruit" page in the Food Categories List, you will see that is a fruit derivative. So a fruit-intolerant person will know to avoid any products containing Vitamin A palmitate. Most non-whole dairy products contain it, as do non-dairy beverages, such as soy milk. I would suggest beginning with the Food Categories List and becoming very familiar with the products and derivatives listed in each. If you will look at the Food Substitutions List, you will find foods that work well in place of what you are not able to have. I can guarantee, the more you keep working at the Carroll dietary methods, the more you will remember and recognize ingredients listed on labels as to the categories they belong to. After a while, it will become second nature to you! Personally, when I read packaging that is questionable for my safety, I simply avoid it like a bad drug and no longer resent or regret not being able to have those things, no matter how delectable they sound. Instead, I find something equally yummy to eat that is good for me.

The goal of Song of Health is to help educate subscribers in being able to quickly identify foods that look potentially hazardous to them. I take personal interest in helping the Song of Health subscribers to make the process of food avoidance as simple as possible. This is part of what your subscription service covers.

Please let me know how I may help you find what you need, either on the website or from my personal response for you.

Again, thank you, Diane. In Health, Sandra



Posted by Duchess:
I have a primary intolerance of potato and seafood with a fruit/sugar intolerance of 8 hours. I attempt to follow the plan and struggle as it seems that some things that are supposed to be free of my intolerance, I still react to...Is it possible that your intolerances can change or be a false-positive? Also, when given the diet to follow and supplements/minerals, do these cover all necessary vitamins and minerals for you as an individual or should I be concerned about adding additional vitamins/supplements to my diet? I am entering an age of life that I am not sure if it is 'menopause' or if it is a lack of nutrients which are causing dry skin, brittle nails, hair, etc.
Posted by Sandra, CEO of SOH
Dear Duchess,
It is highly unlikely that your DNA would change, which is basically what determines your personal food intolerance. It’s possible that you may be eating a food, such as a brand of pasta, which may have potato, fruit or derivative in it but is not listed in the packaging. If you refer to the

Food Resource List you will find this occurring in many products. Another example is yogurt. All the yogurt our doctors have evaluated has proven positive for fruit, due to the grape enzymes used to make it, yet it is not listed in the ingredients on the packaging. This could potentially be the problem. Also, if your system is not completely clean of its intolerances, which are acting as poison or toxin in it, you could be experiencing sensitivities or allergic reactions to certain foods that could eventually disappear once you are no longer ingesting the food intolerance. This phenomenon occurs because the immune system becomes compromised.

Regarding specific nutritional supplements and needs for you personally, we recommend that you contact your naturopathic doctor directly so that they can evaluate what you need. It’s possible they may also want to prescribe natural supplements to help your body to heal from prior damage and restore itself to wellness.

Please post your replies to our other subscribers at THE FORUM.
Thank you.

Subscriber Stephenie R. suggests:
When posting a question or comment on The Forum to a thread that is not recent, (within the current week), PLEASE CREATE A NEW THREAD, even if the topic has been discussed at a prior time. This way, new entries won’t get unintentionally missed.

The Forum is a great way to make new friends!

Would you like to have a cooperative service with Song of Health and the store you shop at for groceries? Please tell them! We would be happy to help get them set up with access to the website information on their computers, in an effort to help all of you. If there is a store you would like me to contact, please email me at I will do my best to present our position. Sandra


Each month we bring you articles on a myriad of topics regarding health and environmental issues.

The main focus of Song of Health is to avail you of expert information on the Carroll Food Intolerance dietary methods.

This is the first step to getting and staying well. We feel, however, that there are also many other interesting and important issues to be aware of. It is our goal to share, with you, our findings on what may have a cause and effect on our healthy lives.

Editor’s note: We realize that it has been a few months since one of our doctors was able to submit an article to Dragonfly News. We apologize for veering from our normal format. They have been inundated with trying to meet deadlines beyond their normal daily office calls, as well as much-needed short vacations. We assure you they also take very seriously their commitment to our subscribers in writing articles available only to you and, as soon as they are able, will do so again. We want you to remind you that all the vast information we furnish you each month is privileged to subscribers only.


By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health

How do we convince others that our methods of avoiding food intolerance products are the first step for everyone to begin getting well and then staying so? We don’t! Try convincing someone who believes nothing’s wrong with them, whether we think differently or not!

Recently, I spent a week with a dear friend and her husband, who live in another state. We go back a long ways, dare I say, nearly 40 years. We have always shared the intimate cobwebs of our minds honestly and are not shy to express our opinions. This includes revealing current serious medical conditions and our outlook on treatment options, fears, hopes, educating ourselves and our dietary choices. During our visit, we discussed our experiences with our medical professionals – diagnosis/prognosis, what the doctors suggested, their bedside manner and how we have been personally affected. In the past, we both have been reputed to exhibit pretty stubborn and defiant behavior about our beliefs! Today, we work to be more respectful, yet I still struggle to listen to the path my friend has been following but isn’t working for her. I find myself wanting to “fix” her, feeling the frustration that I can’t and the deep empathy for her feelings of hopelessness. She feels betrayed by the doctors who weren’t honest with her about her condition many years ago, when they suspected a problem. Instead, unbeknownst to her, her condition was deteriorating to the point of becoming life-threatening. Recently, she was told by one to go home and get her affairs in order. Now, she is contemplating what her family is going to do without her.

What went wrong with the Allopathic medical process of my friend? How could her doctors have let her slip through the cracks? What unmitigated circumstances led them to diminish her value, in her eyes, that they neglected to work with her in determining viable options and to share honest compassion with her, instead of sending her home with instructions to “get your affairs in order?” Have you also, had a similar, heartbreaking experience?

Anger, depression, regrets, resentment, grief and finally acceptance - these are normal feelings of the grieving process that a person may go through when first informed of a serious diagnosis. We do have choices. We can either sit in the problem – brooding, complaining and giving up, or…we can live in the solution – becoming proactive in our own health and attitude.

After nearly a week of watching my friend weave between giving up and expressing anger toward her doctors, who shooed her off like a pesky fly, I finally took her by the shoulders, looked her straight in the eyes and said:

     “You are telling the cells in your body to die in 6 months and they will follow your instructions!  Everything you think and say you are putting out in the Universe.  Everything you put out comes back to you.  You need to re-teach your body - to change your story, as our friend Dr. Mehl-Madrona charges – to tell your mind, body and spirit that you are no longer instructing a time limit on your Earth walk.  Begin today by telling yourself that you are now walking in the healing process, that you will live a long and healthy life, that help is now at hand, that your family and friends love you and want you to stick around and that you no longer feel hopeless.”  

I have witnessed more than one loved one who completely healed from stubborn diseases, such as liver and breast cancer, against Allopathic odds, whose positive attitude refused to allow the abnormal cells to win. My own mother beat a condition that, prior to her, no one in the medical records had survived. Her will was so mighty that no way was she going to leave her young family or let someone else wash her floors! (No one else could do the job well enough!)

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I learned of my food intolerances from Dr. Harold Dick over 30 years ago and have chosen to follow my personal diet, which saved me from demise in my twenties. I turned my trust and faith to my Naturopathic doctors for any consequent treatment instead of the Allopaths. Today, I continue to choose natural remedies prescribed by them, for the purpose of boosting my immune system and aiding my body from compromise caused by surgeries performed in my youth.

Respecting the adage “pay me now or pay me later,” I have made a habit to buy organically grown and natural foods, free of chemical sprays, whenever possible, refrained from foods with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, participated in health-ensuring exercise, learned to live and let live, and so on. Today, I can truthfully say, I am walking evidence that our way works!

Today, I can also accept, albeit begrudgingly, that I only have the right to share what has worked for me. I don’t have the right to shove it down another’s throat!

Hopefully, a fellow person who is suffering will be attracted to the Carroll Food Intolerance methods and Traditional Naturopathic Medicine by witnessing our personal successes.

To All My Relations, Sandra

Dr Harold Dick


“Every dis-ease known to humans is created in our digestion system” (Dr. Harold Dick, N.D.)







(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health)

Contains dairy.

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
½ cup butter
3 lb. mushrooms, sliced or chopped
1 cup heavy cream
½ tsp. Celtic salt
1/8 tsp. cayenne
1 tsp. crushed garlic, crushed
3 cups Monterey or guerere cheese, grated

In skillet, over medium heat, melt butter. Clarify by skimming the fat solids from the top. Sauté mushrooms until soft.
Add cream to mushrooms and, stirring constantly, cook down until the liquid is nearly gone.
Stir in salt, cayenne and garlic.
Pour in a greased casserole baking dish. Top with the cheese.

Bake until brown on top.
Serving suggestion:  Serve on garlic toast rounds.




Use the codes below to translate the Results Column

All =
Bad for All
Ms =
Mine Salt
D =
N =
Neutral for All
E =
P =
F =
Sf =
G =
Ss =
Sea Salt
H =
S =
M =
Sy =


As items are submitted and tested by Doctors Watrous and Zeff, they are then added to the Food Resource List on the Song of Health website. We compile the updated lists to email to our subscribers as well.

The items are listed per category. By listing the date tested, you can be assured of the most recent updates. Under the “Tested For” column, “All” signifies that the product has been tested for all food categories included in the Carroll Food Intolerance Testing method. In some cases, you will see ingredients listed in the “Results” column that are not included in “Tested For.” This is because the ingredient has been listed on the packaging, or it is obviously in the stated category. For example, results for milk will be dairy. We will furnish where to purchase a product whenever the information is available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Dedicated to Heilping You Achieve. . .

August, 2009

Juices and Drinks:
Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice                                 07/09  ALL N

Prepared foods and Mixes:
Bearitos Low-Fat Traditional Refried Beans 07/09 ALL    N     

Tomato Products:
Medi Heranean Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes
05/09 ALL F,G,P,S

Brown Cow Plain
07/09 ALL D,F

NOTE: More updates are being compiled and will be available soon. You will receive them by email as soon as I receive them and they will be included in the September issue of Dragonfly News.

In Health, Sandra                                  



Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom


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