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The Official Monthly Newsletter of Song of Health
September, 2009

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Welcome Subscribers, to Dragonfly News. We are excited about the opportunity to share interesting and helpful information with you in our monthly newsletter, which is available to subscribers only. We first email the newsletter and food resource updates to you directly in .pdf form. Then, in a few days you will be able to access the newsletter on the website. The food resource updates will be incorporated into the existing Food Resource List and can be found by clicking the icon on the left side of most pages on the website.

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The information in Dragonfly News is brought to you by the Song of Health Team:

Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health
Dr. Letitia Dick, N.D., Staff Doctor
Dr. Jared Zeff, N.D., Staff Doctor
Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D., Staff Supporting Doctor
Elizabeth Vedder, Manager of Food Resource Updates
Shawn Murphy, Song of Health Webmaster and Graphics Designer

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Stories, Comments, Questions Asked
and Answered

“A Naturopathic View of Flu Prevention,”

By Dr. Letitia Dick, N.D.

“Where Does Alternative Medicine Fit Into The Health Care Plan? ”
By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health

Vegetables: Fried Green Tomatoes
Cereals and Grains: Cooked Quinoa or Non-Hulled Rice

FOOD RESOURCE UPDATE: No new updates available at this time. As soon as more are available, they will be emailed directly to you and published on the website.


The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, co-founded by our renowned Doctors Letitia “Tish” Dick, N.D. and Jared Zeff, N.D., LAc., is an educational opportunity for Naturopathic physicians and students to further their education in the traditional methods of Naturopathy, not otherwise taught in the Naturopathic colleges. This is where physicians and students learn how to perform the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation method, constitutional hydrotherapy and other important methods of traditional natural healing.

Song of Health and The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing work together to reach as many people as possible, to educate and help understand the importance of avoiding personal food intolerances, applying traditional Naturopathic methods of healing and naturally restoring the body to health.

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* Changes have been made to The Food Resource List:
Older entries, dating from 2006 and prior, have been removed
from the Food Resource List,
until it is determined those entries are still valid. We are in the process of updating the PDF download version and will be completed soon. Your comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

We are in the process of adding food category codes to the recipes, identifying what ingredients to be aware of. This will take some time to complete all the recipes, so we ask for your patience as we work through them. We hope it will better guide you in your cooking endeavors! From now on, the recipes included in the monthly issues of Dragonfly News will also be coded.
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REMINDER: IMPORTANT!  We will continue to print this message in every newsletter from now on. It is an important issue that we believe needs to always be addressed:
On occasion, a subscriber will ask our doctors a question regarding a food intolerance and their responses will slightly differ. This has sometimes caused confusion and has been expressed directly to one of our doctors by several patients.

Per Dr. Zeff: “…most likely, we are not evaluating foods for, e.g., potato content. We are evaluating a food against a blood sample of a person with a known potato intolerance…” Test results for one patient to a food can vary from another patient, even though they are intolerant to the same food category. So, Dr. Watrous may determine a different result than Dr. Zeff, or any of the other doctors who competently perform this testing, because they are testing a patient’s specific blood sample to a specific food sample. As Dr. Zeff puts it, “It is one of the peculiarities of the methodology.

”For this reason, we constantly emphasize throughout the Song of Health website that the information found on the website is a guide only. If you have any personal issues with a product, in other words, a test evaluation shows a food should be o.k. for you to eat, yet you have a reaction to it anyway, we suggest you refrain from consuming it until you have it tested for you personally.

Always, always, always consult your physician with any medical issues you may be experiencing, any drugs you have questions about or your medical care. Our purpose is to help you to determine what foods are included in food intolerance categories. All other information, including articles, are for educational purposes, and is not meant to replace your doctor’s care for you. We are set up as a support team for doctor, patient and subscriber. There are many questions Song of Health can answer for you, and we encourage you to ask us first, in regards to food and food intolerances. What we are not qualified to answer directly, we refer to our doctors and they, in return email their responses to us. You may consider Song of Health as your information center.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are here to support you and your efforts to claim and maintain great health by refraining from your food intolerances and learning about other natural health issues.
In Health,
Sandra Strom


Questions Emailed to us:

From Tasha: Hello - I recently received the results of my blood test, have adjusted my diet and am already seeing results. Thank you!

I have subscribed to to expand my menu a bit, and was hoping to find additional information about alcoholic beverages.I see information on wine and beer, but nothing about "hard" alcohol.I have found some of the information you provide surprising, so hate to assume sugar is present in, for example, potato vodka. Have you done any “testing” on this category, or can you advise generally? I may be sending some samples in, but maybe you already can advise without this step.

My primary intolerance is dairy, with the secondaries being fruit+sugar. Thanks so much, and I really appreciate the work your group is doing.

Reply from Sandra: Hello Tasha. Welcome to Song of Health! I'll be glad to help you in anyway I can.

Regarding the Food Resource List - We add updates to the list each month, as they are submitted. Whatever our doctors have been asked to evaluate is included on the List. As you can see, the more recent entries include what the product has been evaluated for as well as the results. Prior to inception of Song of Health, that information was not kept, so our older information is not as complete. If you don't see an item on the list that you are concerned about, we highly recommend you submit it for evaluation.

FYI, I understand that vodka is also made from grain. It would be interesting to see if the vodka you drink analyzes positive for sugar or not. Thank you again. In Health, Sandra

From Tasha:  Vodka can be grain-based, or many other things, including potato. I will probably submit a few alcohols for “testing”, and was able to find how easily on the site. I'll be sure to let you know if I have questions as I comb through.

From Tasha: Hi, Sandra - Thanks again for your past help navigating the website and information. I am having a hard time determining if I can eat yeast or not, as I have a fruit/sugar intolerance with dairy being the prime intolerance.I don't see anything that categorically says I can't, but the yeasts that have been evaluated (and many of the breads) look to “test” positive for sugar. yeast for me?  Thanks.

Reply from Sandra:  Hello Tasha. If you can have potato, then you may use Fleishman's yeast. Also, as long as you don't mix eating fruit when you have bread, you can use Red Star yeast, which evaluates positive for sugar. I have fruit/sugar also, as well as potato as main intol., so when I do use yeast it is Red Star, just being careful not to mix it with fruit. I've started making sourdough bread from scratch instead. Please see the Recipes section for the starter that calls only for flour and water. You can adapt the bread recipe to fit your needs, i.e. omit any dairy product. I've been having fun varying the basic recipe, even using rolled oats in the bread, or herbs - such as rosemary, garlic, etc. This way you know you're safe and can enjoy bread. You can determine how "sour" you want the sponge to be.

Let me know what ends up working for you. In Health, Sandra

Tasha: Thanks very much. My solution has been just to eliminate all sugar, as trying to deal with the 8 hour time between fruit and sugar would certainly drive me nuts. So, looks like if I bake bread with Fleishman's yeast, I am good to go. Great, thank you.

From Susan:  Sandra: I am in full support of your efforts to update the Food List. Anything over a year old I just ignore because I don't trust the product. With Hashimotos, I can't afford to accidentally ingest fish or iodine; the price is too high. A shorter, more readable list would be so very welcome. The "Evaluated For" column heading is invaluable. Only then can we know what we're dealing with.

Looking forward to that list, as well as the emailed food list update you mention on the website. Thanks.

Reply from Sandra:  Hi Susan.  Thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated. Anymore suggestions are also, always welcome.

I have begun to start cleaning up the Food Resource List. I have decided to hold on to some entries from 2006, even though they don't identify the "evaluated for" information. As the list ages, I will most likely eliminate those too. Hopefully, this will facilitate everyone's use of the List. In Health, Sandra (Note: The Food Resource List has been updated, removing entries prior to 2007.)

From Subscriber: I am looking for a DHEA supplement that is sublingual and fruit-free.

Reply from Dr. Tish: I have a 25mg 7Keto DHEA vegetarian capsule that is grain. Otherwise, we can have a compounding pharmacy do a topical cream. Those are options for you. Sublingual can't be compounded because, the pharmacist says, it doesn't stay in suspension.

Note from Sandra:  We always recommend you confer with your personal Naturopath first, for your medical needs and supplements. Oftentimes, however, physicians refer their patients to Song of Health to help determine what is free of their food
intolerance. In this case, our subscriber has been taking a supplement that we determined contains a fruit derivative and she is fruit-intolerant. Dr. Tish was asked for her recommendations.

From Terri:  Hey, Great Web Site!
I am really enjoying being able to find more foods to eat! I have been a patient of Windrose Clinic for 7 years.

I have been in and out of Dr. Dick's office a lot this summer and it seems that I hear a continuous comment, "What am I going to eat now that I have this problem diagnosed?" I think, for some folks who have serious health issues but have NEVER really cooked much, this is overwhelming. How can we help them?

I came up with an idea that I think would be really good, but not sure how it could be implemented.  What if there were sample menus for one week with recipes available for certain intolerances?

My intolerance is fruit and potato/grain combination and this is a VERY difficult one to live with. I could help someone by saying I eat these breakfasts, lunches and dinner and here are the recipes with ingredients, etc., even where I purchase certain things. This is a BIG job!!!

Also, when I was not well this past summer and was looking at the "Hard to Digest" list, [I thought] it would be helpful to have an "Easy to Digest Menu" available. This would give people some quick ideas when they are very hungry and very ill!

I'm sure you get suggestions often, so just add mine to the list! Maybe an idea would be to have some of us listed with certain intolerances and we could contact each other by email? We'd have to agree to do this, to help each other out...I'd be glad to do this for another family. I am a mother of 10 and we have F  P/G, P  F/S, P, Sf  F/S, E  F/S, and D  F/ I can sometimes go crazy figuring out a dinner we can all eat....but I do have some good recipes I could share!
Thanks for all you do, Terri

Reply from Sandra:   Hello Terri. Thank you for taking the time to share your great suggestions and ideas with us. I am personally grateful to get the feedback, as the purpose of Song of Health is to help and support everyone in adjusting to an oftentimes new way of life.

First, I say "Wow!" You have a lot of food intolerances to work around! Congratulations on being so caring and diligent as to honor all of your family members by helping them to eat in a good way.

Yes, I often answer questions from subscribers regarding how they can substitute foods they have been eating with better choices. I offer counseling sessions for those who need more than just a quick answer or two, and who wish to have help in meal menu preparation. It really needs to be done on a personal basis, as far as I can tell at this point, as there are so many possibilities with all the various food intolerance combinations.

I have begun the process of coding the recipes for subscribers in the Recipes section, identifying what food groups are contained in specific ingredients. My goal is to help educate and facilitate the process of identifying and then easily substituting ingredients in a recipe. Hopefully, this will also be of great help. The "Biscuits, Breads and Crackers" section is completed. I invite you to check it out and give me your opinion.

In The Forum, the last category, "Specific Food Intolerance Discussions" was designed for people with the same food intolerances to be able to share ideas. It seems to have drifted from that objective, somewhat. I will work on figuring out an improved setup of specific categories for each food intolerance in The Forum.

Also, in The Forum is a Recipes category, where all subscribers are welcome to share recipes, menu ideas and any other related topics. With permission, we will also include them in the main Recipes area, to be sure they are seen.

Speaking of foods to eat when feeling ill, in the Recipes section is included a "medicine" soup for that purpose, which everyone can have. I am also happy to answer any specific questions from subscribers. I then share the questions/answers in The Forum and monthly newsletter, so that all subscribers may benefit. If there is anything I may help you with specifically, please ask! I'm happy to help.

Again, thank you for the great input. Keep 'em coming!!  In Health, Sandra

From Teri: Thanks for your quick reply. I would gladly email anyone in distress over feeding a family on this diet! Terri B., Spokane WA. 

From Linda: Hi Sandra. When Iattempt to run off the Food Resource List(PDF download) I see results dated before 2006. Is the PDF download the updated list? Please help.  Linda

Reply from Sandra: Hi Linda, looks like I need to get my webmaster on that project!  My apologies for the inconvenience. I will make an announcement as soon as we complete the pdf download process. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

From Linda: Hi Sandra, thanks for getting back to me so quickly about the Food Resource List problem. I am glad the old dated foods are eliminated but I do find the new list harder to read because of the uneven left margin. It would be very helpful to have the store name listed when available.

Here are three questions for you:

~Vanilla Breyers Ice Cream is listed as having ALL under results. Is that French Vanilla or the Natural Vanilla Bean?

~Is there a listing for Safflower Oil in a glass bottle?

~Should Spectrum white vinegar be listed under VINEGAR instead of CONDIMENTS?

~And one more: Erewhon Corn Flakes has a "great new taste" and sea salt is added to the ingredients on the box and I'm fairly sure the salt must have potato as my face is breaking out! It says on the box that they've just added sea salt.  Linda

From Windrose Clinic: It is the Natural Vanilla Bean but I would say both are bad because they both I’m guessing use the same thickener. Hope that helps.

Sandra: I think we figured out why the columns in your list are not even. It has to do with the web browser you are using, which our webmaster can remedy. I use Firefox and that is set up to work properly. I just used Internet Explorer and it isn't. So our webmaster will go ahead and try to get that set up to view the columns with left margins. What web browser are you using, so that we can be sure all are working in sync? 

We list the store name on the Updates we email out and publish on the website in the newsletter each month, but we are unable to fit another column in the complete List on the website. (There's a good reason to continue to keep your subscription current!) Also, the "Purchased At" information is beneficial to the subscribers who are local to the area bought, most of them in the Spokane, WA. area, which doesn't benefit the many subscribers who do not reside in that area. As a suggestion, for the natural and organic food products I would check your local store that you know carries those types of products. Most of the other products are brand names that may be found in any superstore.

Re: Safflower oil in glass bottles (I'm assuming you have found it in plastic?): The Spectrum products, I'm nearly positive, are in glass bottles. This is a good suggestion, that the wrapping of the product should also be identified. I will pursue adding this to the questionnaire for products sent in for evaluation.

Yes, the vinegar listed in "Condiments" should be in the “Vinegar” section instead. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It has now been corrected.

Thank you for your insights on symptoms you are experiencing with Erewhon Corn Flakes. The last time this product was brought in to Windrose Clinic for evaluation was in February. If you have a sample of it I would highly recommend submitting it to Dr. Tish for a new evaluation.
In Health, Sandra

From Teresa: Hello, I'm new to Song of Health and am a subscriber. I have a question.  At Fred Meyer's, in the health foods section, I picked up "Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks." The box states, "Vegan, Non-dairy, No trans-fat and Non-hydrogenated." My 1-1/2 yr old is dairy intolerant. Could you please advise as to whether or not this really is "Non-dairy"?

Non-GMO Ingredients: Expeller-pressed natural oil blend (soybean, palm fruit, canola and olive oils), filtered water, pure salt, natural flavor, (derived from corn, no MSG, no alcohol, no gluten), soy protein, soy lecithin, lactic acid (non-dairy, derived from sugar beets), colored with beta-carotene from natural sources. Contains soy.  Thank you, Teresa

From Sandra:  Dear Teresa,
According to Wikipedia, "most commercially used lactic acid is derived by using bacteria such as Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, or Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus (formerly known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus) to ferment carbohydrates from nondairy sources such as cornstarch, potatoes, and molasses. Thus, although it is commonly known as "milk acid", vegan products can contain lactic acid as an ingredient."

Reading this, it could be assumed that the lactic acid is not dairy derived. I would, however, send a sample in for evaluation, just to be safe. For the few dollars it costs to have the evaluation, the peace of mind knowing exactly what's in the food is invaluable!

These are the food categories that I can identify right off: fruit, grain, soy, sugar. Without having the product evaluated it is difficult to know where the salt is derived from. "Pure" can mean anything - Is it sea salt? If it is sea salt or mined salt, doe it contain potato?

Sorry I can't give you a more exact answer. Some things are easier to identify than others, generally what we know we can't have rather than what we can! I'm curious to know if you already fed your child this product and if you noticed any reactions or adverse responses.

I am also forwarding your question to Windrose Clinic for any insights they may have. In Health, Sandra

From Teresa: Hello Sandra,
Thank you for your speedy reply and expertise. I haven't given my son the product yet. I thought I'd buy it, bring it home and search your site for some insight.Thanks a bunch! Teresa

NOTE: The following response from Dr. Tish was emailed to me after the September newsletter was emailed out. It will be published in the October newsletter with the question repeated:
Lactic acid always "tests" dairy in products. Perhaps it is from the bacterial culture in which all of the lactobacillus , or other bacteria are grown. The most easiest and cheapest source is to grow the bacteria on dairy. At any rate, I tell all patients to avoid lactic acid if they are dairy intolerant. This is on our patient report we give to all dairy intolerant patients. [It is also listed on the Dairy page in the Food Categories.] Dr Letitia Dick

Subscribers: Your input is always greatly appreciated!

A Sample ~ From The Forum:
Reminder for the fruit intolerant people:  We were recently asked what toiletries fruit intolerant people can safely use, as most products include some fruit derivative. This was posted in The Forum a while back, by Dr. Jared Zeff, one of our staff doctors:

Posted by DR. ZEFF, 17th February, 2009 (Under Miscellaneous Category)
My wife, Lauren, has a fruit intolerance. She uses Herbal Essence shampoo and either Sensodyne or Tom's toothpaste. She is very sensitive, but has no problems with these. Dr. Zeff

Subscriber Stephenie R. suggests:
When posting a question or comment on The Forum to a thread that is not recent, (within the current week), PLEASE CREATE A NEW THREAD, even if the topic has been discussed at a prior time. This way, new entries won’t get unintentionally missed.

The Forum is a great way to make new friends!

It is a wonderful opportunity for you to share tips, meals, recipes and any other information to help support and educate each other!  You are your own support group. Many of you have been feeding families with numerous food intolerances, some for many years. It cannot be emphasized enough, how sharing your experience, strength and hope with each other is an incomparable wellspring of knowledge, FOUND ONLY AT SONG OF HEALTH! It is a very important reason to be a Song of Health subscriber.


Would you like to have a cooperative service with Song of Health and the store you shop at for groceries? Please tell them! We would be happy to help get them set up with access to the website information on their computers, in an effort to help all of you. If there is a store you would like me to contact, please email me at I will do my best to present our position. Sandra



Each month we bring you articles on a myriad of topics regarding health and environmental issues.

The main focus of Song of Health is to avail you of expert information on the Carroll Food Intolerance dietary methods.

This is the first step to getting and staying well. We feel, however, that there are also many other interesting and important issues to be aware of. It is our goal to share, with you, our findings on what may have a cause and effect on our healthy lives.


By Dr. Letitia Dick, N.D.

As the new school year begins parents are faced with many concerns regarding immunization schedules for their children as well as how to keep their children healthy with the threat of Swine Flu and other flu epidemics.

For many of us, not just school age children, the Flu is always a fear.  It is discussed on the news.  It is on TV and radio.  We have this craving, in a way, to worry about this virus that is going to somehow invade our bodies and we won’t have any way to fight it off unless we have taken a flu shot (according to the media).

Well, this is just not true.  Not everyone exposed to the particular virus comes down with symptoms or infection. You must be a perfect host.  This is true of any bacteria or virus.  Not everyone exposed to herpes gets the infection.  Not everyone exposed to chickenpox gets the infection.  Not everyone exposed to MRSA [Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus] gets the infection.  We have to be a good host for the invaders to grow and multiply. 

What makes us a host?  A weakened immune system, a poor nutritional status, a toxic lymphatic system with sluggish lymph drainage - are just a few aspects of becoming a great host.  Stresses, dehydration, lack of exercise, or Anemia are other host producing aspects. 

Let’s look at these aspects:

A weakened immune system can occur from low cortisol production from the adrenal glands.  Stress can fatigue the adrenal glands, causing a lower production of cortisol.  This is the hormone responsible for turning the GO switch on, on the white blood cells.  Cortisol makes the white blood cells attack to heal infections and inflammation.

A toxic lymphatic system can occur from dehydration.  Not enough water can cause sluggish, thick lymph that grabs waste from all through the body and deposits this back into the liver through the portal vein.  The poisons from our cells are then eliminated out through the colon from the liver’s processing center.  If the lymph nodes get backed up, not even dumping the toxins into the liver, then how can the active white blood cells even grab bad viruses or bacteria and get them out of the blood stream?  Toxic lymph can also occur from eating your food intolerance, thus slowing down the white blood cell function and allowing an invader to enter and multiply.  Lack of exercise causes lymphatic congestion also.  When we move our muscles we move the lymph through the body.  This is the ONLY way lymph can move and be pushed back into the liver.  

Poor nutritional status can impair immune response as well.  Anemia, or low iron, will cause less oxygenation of the cells.  This means that the cellular metabolic rate is slowed down.  This results in poor release of cell toxins into the lymph. This is like a stagnant pond growing mold and mildew.  No flow in, means no flow out.  Another aspect on the nutritional side is Vitamin D.  Most people think of Vitamin C as the big one in preventing infections, but this only plays a part in the iron absorption and utilization of the red blood cells and as an antioxidant.  Vitamin D, however, is critical in immune function.  Most people get sick in the winter months, when there is less sunshine and we are indoors much more.  We don’t get the Vitamin D production through the skin.  Our grandmothers were very wise in making us take Cod Liver Oil in the winter months to prevent illness, as this is very high in Vitamin D.  Vitamin D was misnamed when it was discovered.  It is actually a hormone, not a vitamin.  It has receptor sites all through the body.  It functions to facilitate calcium absorption, as an antioxidant, as an immune modulator and as neurotransmitter in the brain.  There are receptor sites in the breast tissue, testicles, ovaries and uterus for Vitamin D.  It prevents and treats many types of cancer as well as chronic viral infections such as Herpes, HPV for cervical dysplasia and the Flu.

In order to keep us healthy this winter, let’s all take 2000 to 5000 IU of Vitamin D, daily.  Let’s exercise, get out in the sun and keep hydrated.  You should drink ½ of your body weight in ounces daily.  (If you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink 50 ounces of water daily).  Follow your food intolerance diet to keep your blood and lymph pure and clean. 

There are options to Flu vaccines also.  Homeopathic Nosode remedies are homeopathics made from the contagion; much like a measles vaccine is made from the measles pustule or active infection.  Nosode remedies are taken to stimulate the immune system to respond to that infectious agent, just like a vaccine response.  The wonderful aspect of Nosodes is that they stimulate an immune response from the white blood cells without actually exposing the body to any actual component of the virus or bacteria, unlike a pharmaceutical vaccine.  So, there is no risk of actually contracting or becoming infected with the virus from a homeopathic.  Homeopathic Swine Flu Nosodes are becoming available to the Naturopathic community soon.

Other homeopathic remedies which have been used to successfully treat viral or Flu infections are:  Gelsemium, Pulsatilla, Aconite, Phosphorus, Natrum Murr, Kali Bic, and many, many others. 

These remedies are chosen for you based upon your presenting symptoms at the time.  Not everyone has the SAME cold. One person’s eyes may itch and water and another person’s nose will run clear and burn their skin, or run with yellow mucus and make crusts on the nose.  Not everyone has the SAME fever or headache symptoms.  One person’s headache will pulse in the temples and hurt when they bend over.  Someone else will have a high fever of 104 and have to hold their head like a vise.  A remedy is selected individually and dosed according to the person’s vital force, the strength or power of the symptoms that are occurring, and the type of infections.  This is a precise prescribing science based upon each person’s illness.  Please see your Naturopath at the first sign of symptoms.  Hydrotherapy and homeopathy can shorten your infections and greatly lessen the severity of the symptoms if you do contract the Flu.

Take care of yourselves and be well.

Dr. Letitia Dick
Windrose Naturopathic Clinic


By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health

Health care and the media – What first comes to mind?  The Obama-Biden Health Care Plan! I’ve been inundated with media truths and untruths, who should pay for what, how much, what the left, right and middle believes, are we flirting with socialized medicine and is that good or bad. The battle appears to be how to pay the same medical structures that are currently supported by mainstream America. I have been studying the plan options, listening to everything I can about it and what I haven’t heard is where alternative medicine and natural healing modalities are included in the equation. If it’s there and I’ve missed it, please…educate me.  

It’s time to look at this issue, a continual uphill battle for Naturopaths since the inception of the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1847 and their adamant attempts and intentions to eliminate the validity of alternative traditions: In 1848 when “AMA notes the dangers of universal traffic in secret remedies and patent medicine; 1849, AMA establishes a board to analyze quack remedies and nostrums and to enlighten the public in regard to the nature and dangerous tendencies of such remedies…”*  That’s not to dispute the existence of quackery; however, guess who else was targeted in that wash?

Consider our own personal needs: “Adequate” insurance coverage for alternative health care, including Naturopathic physician care, Chiropractic and other manipulative treatments and whatever healing methods YOU CHOOSE in order to maintain your personal health and well being.  It doesn’t take a genius to discover that the major players in the political health arena are the AMA and the health insurance companies – masters of huge lobbying presence in Washington D.C. and the state capitols - and whose backs each pat.


First, “The Current Situation” is addressed, which includes “…to make health insurance work for people and businesses, not just insurance and drug companies.”**

Right on!  It’s about time our leaders are realistically facing this serious medical dilemma our country is in. It’s not ok to allow insurance companies to refuse coverage for those with an already-existing “costly” condition.

Next, “The Solution” includes, but is not limited to the following:

* Reform the health care system “by expanding coverage, improving quality, lowering costs, honoring patient choice and holding insurance companies accountable.”

Honoring patient choice…this should include your opportunity to choose what doctor you prefer as well as what insurance options to opt for.

* Improve preventative care… “In order to keep our people healthy and provide more efficient treatment we need to promote smart preventative care, like cancer screenings and better nutrition, and make critical investments in electronic health records, technology that can reduce errors while ensuring privacy and saving lives.”**

Ok, we’ll go along with better nutrition and more efficient treatment.  I’m betting, however, that the treatment refers to allopathic methods.  It’s pretty much a guarantee the cancer screenings don’t include thermography, food intolerance evaluations or any of the other methods our Naturopaths employ.

The plan also addresses helping patients by addressing the concepts:

* Support disease management programs by requiring that plans participate in the new public plan and those already existing, such as Medicare.  This would thereby improve quality of care at lowered costs.

* For chronically ill patients coordination of care management programs are encouraged for home care integration.

* Guarantee affordable, accessible health care coverage for all Americans by building on and improving our current insurance system and leave Medicare intact for older and disabled Americans.

President Obama and Vice-president Biden emphasize that protecting and promoting health and wellness is a shared responsibility among individuals and the community. They are absolutely correct in stating that we must “take personal responsibility for our health and decisions…eat right, stay active and stop smoking.” ***

This all makes obvious, perfect sense.  Their plan for us to take personal responsibility should also include our right to choose the doctor we want and have it covered by insurance, whether that coverage is privately or publicly optioned.

So, what power do we have in this matter?

You may feel that you have little or none. It does us no good, however, to take a defeatist attitude!  Once more, our power resides in the ability to pick up the phone, type on the computer or write a letter to contact our legislators in the state and federal offices, voicing our concerns and desires for options that work best for us.  Feel the emotion!  How dare we be told, as Americans, that we don’t have the right to choose who we want as our health care providers!  This is not right.  This infringes on our rights of freedom to make good choices for ourselves and our families. 

It’s time the witch hunts stopped against our competent, caring and successful natural healers.  What better time to shout out against the old tired ethics than now, when the existing health care system is being called out to defend itself?  This is our power.  Let’s step into it now and, together, make the difference that will be a positive effect on the generations to come. 
In Health, Sandra




Dr Harold Dick


“Every dis-ease known to humans is created in our digestion system” (Dr. Harold Dick, N.D.)



REMINDER: Always use organic products whenever possible.
WE RECOMMEND using Celtic sea salt, which is Neutral.
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Mine Salt












Sea Salt









(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health)

Per Serving:

Category Ingredients
  1 medium sized green tomato, sliced 1/8-inch thick
  1 clove garlic, minced
  ¼ medium-sized sweet onion, thinly sliced or chopped
G  Rice flour to coat*
  Safflower oil, approximately ½ cup
  ¼ - ½ tsp. fresh cilantro (if desired)
  ¼ - ½ tsp. fresh sweet basil
  Salt to taste

In paper sack or on a plate, pour a couple handfuls of the flour.*  Place each tomato slice in flour to coat.
Place oil in medium sized cast iron skillet and heat to medium high.
Add onion, stir to coat with oil, then add garlic. Cook about 20 seconds.
Add tomato slices, being sure they all lay flat in skillet. Sprinkle herbs over tomatoes evenly.
Fry tomatoes until golden brown on one side. Turn, then fry until tomatoes are tender when poked with a fork.
Remove from heat, drain. Serve immediately.
Serving suggestion: Delicious with homemade Tomato Catsup (see recipes in Condiments section).
*Teff flour may be substituted for rice flour, or omit coating altogether.
Variation:  After dusting tomato slices in the flour, dip in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs or ground rolled oats, then fry.


(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health)



G 1/2 cup Quinoa or Unhulled Rice
  1 cup water or broth**
  1 Tbsp. oil (optional)
  Pinch of salt

Put oil, if using, in a medium sized saucepan. Turn on high and immediately pour the Quinoa or Rice in. Mix with a wooden spoon, continually stirring to keep from burning, until grain is coated and very slightly browned.
Add liquid and salt. Bring to a boil.
As soon as it begins to boil, immediately turn heat down to medium, cover and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes, or until grain has soaked up all the liquid and is tender. DO NOT STIR while cooking, as this can cause the rice to become “glommy” and sticky.
* Do not use polished rice. There are many wonderful rice choices, such as Basmati, Black, Red or Brown Rice. Remember to check the Food Resource List for hidden ingredients, such as fruit.
** Save liquid from cooked vegetables or organic pasta and use as all or part of the liquid.
Serving Suggestions:
~ For Breakfast:
* D, H  Add a pat of butter and eat as is. Or add milk/cream and honey or maple syrup.
*  Pan or oven “fry” cooked grain in place of fried potatoes.
~ Substitute for meat in dishes such as tacos and stir fry or use in fill for omelets.
~ Add to soup or stew just before serving.
~ Raw Quinoa may be added to bread dough. Use ¼ cup per loaf.





Use the codes below to translate the Results Column

All =
Bad for All
Ms =
Mine Salt
D =
N =
Neutral for All
E =
P =
F =
Sf =
G =
Ss =
Sea Salt
H =
S =
M =
Sy =


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The items are listed per category. By listing the date tested, you can be assured of the most recent updates. Under the “Tested For” column, “All” signifies that the product has been tested for all food categories included in the Carroll Food Intolerance Testing method. In some cases, you will see ingredients listed in the “Results” column that are not included in “Tested For.” This is because the ingredient has been listed on the packaging, or it is obviously in the stated category. For example, results for milk will be dairy. We will furnish where to purchase a product whenever the information is available.

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