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Watch clips from
A Naturopathic Approach to Your Health Concerns
and The Importance of Identifying Food Intolerances
Page Two

Presented by Song of and
The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing

Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of interviews Naturopathic Doctor Letitia Dick, a co-founder of The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing and Song of Health Staff physician.


How do you individualize a person’s diet?
How does it relate to the “Major Food Pyramid?”


What is hydrotherapy? Specifically, what is constitutional hydrotherapy? What conditions can be treated using constitutional hydrotherapy?


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Please contact us to purchase the DVD "A Naturopathic Approach to Your Health Concerns and the Importance of Identifying Food Intolerances," presented by Song of Health and The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing. The complete version is available for $19.95.


Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom


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