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Dr. Letitia ("Tish")
Dick-Kronenberg, N.D.

is the primary physician at Windrose Naturopathic Clinic, in Spokane, Washington.

Dr. Harold Dick's daughter, Letitia, graduated from Eastern Washington University, magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1985. She then attended the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in 1990. After a 3-year residency with Dr. Harold Dick, Dr. "Tish" became clinic director of the oldest traditional naturopathic clinic in the United States. Windrose Naturopathic Clinic, now over 50 years in business, provides the ultimate in traditional naturopathic care. This practice is a direct model of the clinical practice of Dr. O.G. Carroll which still sees some of Dr. Carroll's patients.

Dr. Tish is founder of the Carroll Institute of Natural Healing. She provides educational opportunities through this non-profit organization, whose mission is to carry on the Classical Naturopathic therapeutic and diagnostic techniques utilized by Dr. Otis G. Carroll, his peers and apprentices. This institute was formed to provide post-graduate learning opportunities in Naturopathic Medicine. This will ensure traditional effective methodologies are not lost or forgotten, so that future generations of physicians and patients will benefit from this knowledge.

Among her many accolades for her contributions, Dr. "Tish" was awarded the Naturopathic Physicians Lifetime Achievment Award.


Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D.

has been a physician at the Windrose Naturopathic Clinic in Spokane, Washington since 2003. She completed the first two years of her undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree fron the Evergreen State College in 1997. Dr. Potenza completed her Naturopathic Degree in 2002 from Bastyr University. She is also a Licensed Message Therapist, is certified by The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing to evaluate for food intolerances, and is certified in the Wilson's T3 protocol.

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