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The following letters were sent to Song of Health from subscribers who expressed their gratitude for all the information, support and help they have received from us.

From Joe Z., October 12, 2012:
Dear Sandra, this soap caresses my skin and dances on my face. I love it! I'm so happy I found a soap that's so good and helps me deal with my fruit intolerance. Thank you for producing such a luscious product. Many Thanks.

From Adrienne M., April 27, 2012:
Dear Sandra,

Just a note to say your efforts to produce a fruit-free soap are landing in Ithaca with a big HOORAY!

My partner, Joe, was diagnosed fruit intolerant by Dr. G.  No wonder Joe didn't like the intense fruit-based facial cleansing product I had purchased at our wonderful coop, Greenstar!

And, by the way, thanks for making life possible after the diagnosis of food intolerance (potato).  Reassure me that you are cloning yourself, Sandra.  

I live in Ithaca, NY.  At present I am staying with my daughter in Salem, OR, to support her recovery from a car accident.  I'm taking on preparing healthy meals, for her and for MYSELF.  (Taking care of the caregiver.)

What I am noticing is how far out I am in the forefront of knowing what to eat. Virtually no one around me has ever heard of "hidden" ingredients in our foods. Very bright people tell me cheerfully that they will cook wonderful meals for me by paying strict attention to the list of ingredients on the food package!  People cannot conceive of Tillamook cheese containing potato!  Well, now I can well conceive of it, although I am disappointed because I like Tillamook cheese.

Many people distrust what I am telling them. They want "proof" that I am not neurotic, I guess.  They act like I have been talking to space aliens.  I sail serenely on, knowing that when I stopped eating potato, and fruit and sugar together, my life got better.  Sores on my scalp, chest and thigh disappeared. When I am not careful, they start growing again. Does anyone need any more proof?

Dr. G. discovered my food intolerances and he has been so very helpful in guiding me through this serious change in my life.  He is always available to speak with when I get confused or discouraged.  It was he who told me about your website.

At first I rebelled, saying,"I can read and I can cook and I don't need anyone's website."  After a few months I became more coachable and I joined Song of Health with a big sigh of relief.  I just hadn't understood what was happening to me.  Now I want to thank you again for creating this unique website to support the multitudes who need it.  Really, Dr. G. should have told me I HAD to sign up right away.  Do I want to go under for the third time?  You are a great lady and you are truly my friend.

I hope to hear soon that soap can be made with ingredients other than fruit (for Joe).  For myself, I will continue to enjoy your reports and follow your food advice.

I am practicing to become a crone. You make me a wise old woman in the area of food intolerances, and I am pleased to speak about your work to everyone who is interested in learning about the subject.  Someday what we are speaking of will be old hat and written up in the history books, accepted everywhere. Until then, you and your subscribers are leading the way to better health for all. Thank you for all you do. Most sincerely, Adrienne M

FROM NORMA O., June 13, 2011 ~ Hello! I would like to added to your Alert List. I am extremely allergic to Potatoes.  

Dr. Suhu saved my health as well as my sanity when he correctly diagnosed the cause of my ailments.  Your website is fantastic.  I've recommended Dr. Suhu and the website to so many people! Thank you, Norma

FROM KIM B., Feb 1st, 2011 ~
About a year ago I started to become very shaky, panicky and emotional, and started losing five pounds overnight despite my constant hunger.  I went to see an MD and she prescribed a heavy narcotic for my emotions and panicky feelings.  I told the MD I was not depressed and that something else was wrong with me.  She took some blood tests.  (I was against taking the narcotic as I knew that was not the problem.) Three days later the MD called me and said, “Do not take the narcotic.”  She said my T3, T4 and TSH (this is all thyroid talk) were off the charts. The meds would make me worse.  I noticed a lump on my thyroid and swelling.  I was referred to a specialist, but after researching what the usual protocol for thyroid problems were, I knew that more meds and possible thyroidectomy was not what I needed either.  I prayed, opened up the phone book, and it eventually led me to Windrose Naturopathic Clinic.  I was pretty much going downhill --- bad headaches, dizzy and unable to go to work.  Prior to all of this, I had been diagnosed with extreme dry eyes for which I was prescribed Restasis, but it did not improve the debilitating condition.

My three young girls and husband were scared for me.  Dr. Tish referred me to a specialist to see exactly what the diagnosis was, but it took a three month waiting period to get in.  So I self-diagnosed my condition as Graves Dis-ease. After seeing the specialist, that is exactly what was going on.  I just felt relieved to know what was really wrong with me, and that there was a name to it.

After seeing Dr. Tish and finding out I was intolerant to potato, and could not have fruit and sugar within 8 hours of each other, I knew it was the answer.  I knew that it was something my body was rejecting that made my eyes dry. After about a week of my new way of eating I felt a bit better and could go to work.  Day by day I would feel better, but then I would get worse.  There were still things I was eating and drinking that I didn’t realize contained my food intolerances.  Dr. Potenza had me bring the water I was drinking into the clinic for testing, and it tested positive for potato.  My refrigerator water hoses were giving me doses of potato; it was causing me heart palpitations every 3 minutes.  Believe me, I know that sounds very strange and unbelievable, to have potato in your water from the refrigerator.  Dr. Potenza was very kind and helpful after hours and during the holiday to help me with the heart palpations. She knew exactly what I needed.  A pinch of Celtic sea salt in my water did the trick and instantly helped calm my heart palpitations.  I had to quit drinking water and ice from the fridge also!

I also found the Hydrotherapies very beneficial.  After 20 of them I felt nearly healed, dry eyes and all. I no longer use the medicine, Restasis, for my dry eyes.  I know, without a doubt, that it was my intolerance to potato and eating the combination of fruit and sugar that caused all my discomfort.  As an extra benefit, I no longer have pain or stiffness in my shoulder and knee from an old injury; nor do I have hip pain.  It was the eating of my intolerance that caused swelling in my body.  It is so nice to be pain free!  I did go through a healing process where the pain got worse before it got better.

This has not been an easy journey, trying to figure out what foods I can eat; but I feel it is the answer to most sickness and dis-ease.  I believe with my whole being that our bodies need foods that it can digest properly, as I have seen firsthand by my own healing that getting rid of your food intolerance is the path to being well and feeling good, mentally and physically.

My three girls and husband are witnesses to how I have healed and am able to live life feeling great.  They have also found out what their food intolerances are and generally stick to their diet.  Sometimes they can sneak something in at a function and feel okay, but other times they get sick.  I guess that is the chance they are willing to take.  As for me, I like to feel good so I stick to it.

Thank you, Dr. Tish and Potenza!  You are a blessing.  I could never be where I am today without your knowledge and compassion.  “There is always hope!” 

FROM LIZ, September 20th, 2010 ~ I just registered, a year after finding out I had the food intolerances potato & fruit/sugar. I find the website such an eye-opener. There is so much information about so many topics. I thought I would check out the site quickly; instead, I sat at the computer all day. It was hard to log off.

My story is so much like Sandra Strom's - many surgeries, like I have lots to give away, and the same intolerances. After 4 years of intestinal burning and desperate, I finally found my way to a Naturopath who led me to this site. Check it out for all those who read this. Many answers will be found; have faith. Put your faith into the hands of true professionals. Thank you and keep up the good work. Liz, Port Colborne, Ontario Canada

FROM KARI, September 11th, 2010 ~ What really amazes me is the amount of people that have no clue about what their food does to them. You should see some of the strange looks I get when I try to explain to people about my son's diet! It is very sad for all the little kids out there especially, who could benefit from being evaluated for their food intolerances. I truly believe that my little guy would have been diagnosed as autistic if I wouldn't have started doing research and found out about your "testing" and website.

Our son had all the signs of autism at a very young age. When we changed his diet, he started talking, making eye contact, and even started playing and interacting with us. He used to have terrible tantrums that would last over 45 minutes, and there was nothing I could do for him. I mean...screaming, and screaming. And if I tried to touch him or help him come out of it, he would kick me, thrash around, and never even look at me, as if he didn't know who I was.

I was scared to take him out in public because I never knew what would set him off. I was nervous to take him to my mother- and father-in- law's house because it embarrassed me when he would get upset and throw tantrums there. After his dietary change, even my in-laws remarked on noticing a huge change in him.  

It is truly amazing to look back and see how far we have come! He is such a happy little guy now, and really enjoys life, unless he gets some food he shouldn't have. Then he becomes moody, tantrums over nothing, and slips back into some of the old behaviors he had before Dr. Zeff evaluated him for his food intolerances.

The change in food saved my son! Now my husband, who was against this whole idea in the first place, is a true believer! It took me months to persuade him to have our son tested in the first place, because he thought there was no way food would do that to someone! Now, when our 3-year-old begins showing those behaviors again, he asks me if he was "poisoned" by some food he shouldn't have had! For him to see these results is a testament to how much it has changed our little guy. My husband is now 100% on board! He has said many times, how our son is a totally different kid when he gets hold of food he is intolerant to. He always wants to know how long I think it will be before our son is "done being poisoned" from the food he ate!

I know from experience, that lots of ingredients in foods are hidden where you would least expect. I guess what it boils down to is that I constantly read labels but, as we all know, sometimes things "test" positive for ingredients that aren't on the label.

So, due to our success story, I am happy to share whatever I can to help make others aware of your work. You and Dr. Zeff have been our only support team through this, and I am so thankful for everything you both have done for us! Have a great day! Kari, Rathdrum, ID.

FROM KARI, March 9th, 2010 ~ Hi Sandra! I love the website! Great job!...Thanks again for the great job you do! Kari, Rathdrum, ID.

FROM DR. K., Feb 2010 ~ I am happy to have you as a resource! Seattle, WA.

FROM TERRI BATES, January 12, 2010 ~
Hello.  Thank you for pulling together all the resources we need into one website.  I know this is a monumental task and I am so very glad someone had the time and knowledge to do it!

This is long and you may need to edit it!

In 2002, I was diagnosed with Fruit and Potato-with-Grain food intolerances.  I must say, I cried my heart out when I heard the word "fruit."  At the time, my husband had just retired from 22 years in the Military, we had bought our dream home, and we finally planted those fruit trees he had promised me for all those years! 

I sat on my porch and was very angry about all this.  For years I had suffered with severe ulcerative colitis symptoms, which eventually landed me in the hospital.  I found it impossible to keep weight on, often dwindling down to nothing, and I was afraid of being ill for the rest of my days.  As the mother of five children then, (now it's 10, all adopted), I was certain that I needed to give this a try.  Much to my surprise, after a short time of following this restricted diet I began to feel very good.  I had decided to give it 8 weeks and was so well by then that I just kept pressing on. 

It is very hard to be fruit intolerant.  There is no substitute for a raspberry or a slice of fresh apple.  But I cannot dwell on that now.  My goal is to remain healthy and be the best I can be.  So the task ahead is to figure out how to do this.

Being fruit intolerant requires much forethought.  I purchased a couple of nice traveling lunch and small cooler bags, so I am always ready to tote my food along.  I carry snacks I can eat in an emergency bag in my car, so I am never stuck without something healthy. I have found that organic, raw almonds really satisfy me (and everyone around me), so I keep a small amount of them in my purse and glove box, and take them when I travel.  Bumble Bars with the chocolate, almond and hazelnut flavors are all wonderful, satisfying snacks which are easy to stash in a purse or
console of the car or desk drawer at work.  I can make homemade cakes, cookies, pancakes, etc.  I have to think ahead and pre-plan every meal, but this too gets easier over time.  I can make yogurt and ice cream out of the milk I am allowed, which I enjoy eating with honey or maple syrup.  I bake my own bread in a bread maker and have found that I can keep up nicely with a supply for myself, as long as no little ones are picking at it.  I did have to sit down and explain to all the children that my diet is very difficult for me and that they mustn't eat things that are labeled for me; otherwise, I won't be able to eat.  It sounds so extreme, but frankly, when I am spending more money to satisfy my needs, we really cannot afford to spread these goodies around to all 12 of us!

Did you know that pumpkin pie, made to certain specifications, is a great dessert that you can enjoy?  If I added up all the slices I've consumed since Thanksgiving, I think I have eaten 2 or 3 whole pies myself since the holiday season began.  They are easy to make with a food processor and are fruit free!  I treat myself by making a pumpkin pie to share at every gathering we have.  I can make the filling ahead of time and freeze it if necessary, then thaw, add eggs and bake on the day of the event.

The most difficult part of being fruit intolerant is trying to explain this to others, especially at a buffet, wedding or work-related dinner party.  Most of those dear folks close to me just know I have this "problem" and they don't ask anymore.  I bring something to everything I am invited to if I can and it isn't too tacky to do so (for weddings that is not possible).  I eat well before leaving the house for other outings involving food when I cannot bring a course for me.  I always have my almonds, and I often carry around a very tall, insulated coffee mug that is filled with my favorite tea.  That way, I can mingle and enjoy something yummy.  When asked, I simply say, "I have a lot of food allergies."  I have learned I can attend a 3-hour wedding and reception without eating a thing if there was nothing for me.  I carry "#50" capsules (available at Windrose Clinic)* in my purse and always take one when I am eating things that I did not prepare myself, yet fairly certain I can eat.

I have found that tomatoes satisfy me.  I purchase the little grape tomatoes and can eat quite a few at a sitting as a fruit substitute.  I hover around the veggie platters at weddings and satisfy myself with celery, tomatoes and other delights without dressing.  When my husband takes me out to eat, I order a steak cooked with no salt, pepper or other ingredients on it or on the grill. I take a "#50" just in case. I bring along my own sea salt and a sauce to put on the meat, which I store in my
purse before we leave the house.  I ask for just romaine, tomatoes and onions in my salad, and I bring my own dressing.  I will order a steak on a bed of raw veggies.  It really is quite good and satisfying!  We really don't eat out often and instead have found other fun things to do that do not involve food.

Our kitchen is well-stocked with appliances that make my life easier.  It is a necessity for maintaining a specific diet. I have a large yogurt maker; crock pot; ice cream maker, which requires no salt or ice; bread machine; food processor; grinder for herbs and seasonings; blender; mixer with attachments; pasta maker; oat roller and much more. I have tried, over the years, to add one or two appliances a year to broaden my dietary choices and make my life easier.  Part of our budget is set aside to help with my health needs.

A typical day's diet for me consists of:

  • One egg on homemade bread, toasted on the griddle, with a cup of tea and a large cup of water.
  • Lunch may be leftovers from the previous night, or a really big/fat grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread, served with a salad.
  • Dinner is usually cooked in and served from a crock pot, and may include meat with a yummy homemade sauce and veggies served over brown rice.

I have been known, even after all these years, to throw a tantrum now and then when I really want to eat something that looks luscious ...BUT... I keep thinking back to the consequences and my poor health days.  Instead, I get out my recipe books and make some creation for ME, with all the substitutes, and become determined to make it taste really good!  Believe me, cooking for 12 folks, three meals a day, is a challenge.  So, if I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Bless you all who are fruit intolerant. I have some wonderful recipes I can share with you. Please contact me if you are in need of a shoulder to lean on! Terri Bade

P.S.  My daughter, Hannah, is the hydro-therapist at Windrose Clinic and, guess what?  She is fruit intolerant as well!

* Note by SOH: #50 capsules are filled with the herbs skullcap and gentian, specifically formulated by Windrose Naturopathic Clinic as a dietary aid.

FROM SARA, JAN.2010 ~ Hello Sandra,thank you for answering my questions!  You are so helpful and I have loved using your website. I can’t believe I waited so long to join! Sara, Spokane, WA.

FROM ANNA , Dec. 2009 ~ Hi Sandra, your website has been very helpful, thank you. I just found out that I am dairy intolerant and fruit/sugar intolerant, so it has been nice to get some more information.  Best, Anna

FROM DR. TISH, July 15, 2009 ~ Hey Sandy, I just read your newsletter. That turned out well. I really like the way you tackled the question about "curing" a food intolerance. Great job! TISH

Subject: Thank you
From: RAMONA C., November 12, 2008 ~
Dear Sandra, I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy your website and how much I learn from it that is helping me in my goal for leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Thanks so much for your help. Regards, Ramona

FROM TRACI, February 13, 2008 ~ I appreciate your understanding and your timely response to my comments...By the way I love Song of Health. I am always anxious to log in to find out anything new. God Bless. Traci

FROM JULIE D. , November 2, 2007 ~
GREAT newsletter! That rocked. Thanks a lot. I passed it onto my husband. There is some incredible information in there (especially the article about the stew and by Dr. Potenza). I have noticed a direct correlation between my mood and if I eat something with fruit that may be tainted (or vice versa) - It is horrible 24 hours later. I have been able to test on myself if something is tainted, just by thinking back (when my mood is uncontrollable) what I ate 24 hours prior. That is interesting stuff...

Thanks for taking the time to do that fabulous newsletter. ~ Julie

Subject: Thanks!
From: STEPHENIE R., October 2, 2007 ~
Thanks for the fun ”article” on Cooking for the Masses. My family and I just got back from our first backpacking trip to the Washington Coast, having spent four days in the wilderness. “Beautiful” is not an adequate enough word to describe it. Because of our family’s food intolerances: 2 no dairy/no soy, 1 no potato, 1 no dairy, and a hypoglycemic (whew), I had to make and dehydrate ALL of our backpacking food. There is nothing on the market to meet our needs and if there were, there’s no way we would spend 5 bucks a pop to purchase it. What a challenge! But I cannot tell you how exhilarating it was to make wonderful meals that my whole family could have and enjoy. We too, had no one ill on our trip! My kids said the food was awesome. My husband was “stuffed” and full of energy. And I got to backpack for the first time, thanks to the return of my health after 13 years of debilitating sickness. Thank you, Dr. Watrous! Thank you Dr. Potenza! Words cannot express my gratitude. I love the newsletters! I love the website! They give me inspiration and hope! Sincerely, Stephenie R.

This is the family at the beginning of our backpacking trip.
Left to Right: Rachel, Me, Bethanne, Adam, & Dave

Subject: What a wonderful Website!
FROM: KATHY C., April 01, 2007 ~ Hi, I have just subscribed to "Song of Health" and I want to thank you for offering this website and service to all!  It is absolutely wonderful!!!

I am a fifty-one year old woman who, very fortunately, happened upon The Windrose Naturopathic Clinic and Dr. Watrous, Dr. Potenza and their very competent staff.  Like so many others, when I found them I just did not feel right. I had lack of energy and zest for life.  Last fall I was diagnosed with NASH Disease. The person who first made the diagnosis was my medical doctor (MD). He gave me very little information or any plan of attack for the diagnosis. Dr. Watrous, who is my naturopathic doctor (ND) provided me with much needed information and a plan to be healthy once again. She found other underlying reasons for my symptoms of pain, tiredness, etc., such as food intolerance, and also discovered other medical issues.  I am now on the road to recovery.  I could go on about the process and the findings, and I would be happy to do so, but I know this is a place to make requests for the website.

I would love to see recipes and suggestions provided for those of us that have fruit intolerance. I also have grain and potato intolerance. Dr. Watrous says this is one of the hardest. Maybe there are only a few of us. I do not know, but this would be much appreciated information. Being so new to the whole idea, I have to admit; it has been challenging and overwhelming. I have no friends or family who are advocates of Naturopathic Medicine. (I am working on changing this).  I have wished for someone in the same "boat" to talk to and share ideas and this seems like the place.  Thank you whole-heartily for starting this.  It is the next best thing to a support group! My best regards, Kathy C.


DAVID H., 8/18/09. Got what i asked for. *****

STEVE D., 9/12/08. Great, a pleasure doing business with them. *****

LIL S., 8/2/08. It is the most informative web site ever!! Thanks for all the time it takes to publish this very informative newsletter!!

CARLEE S., 7/1/08. It is an informational, health related website and has interesting and valuable information about food intolerances. *****

DAVID S., 5/15/08. My expectations were met. *****

LINDA Z., 5/12/08. Great--I love having the information at my fingertips! *****

Overall rating of Reviews: ***** 4.8 out of 5!

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