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Welcome to Song of Health

From Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg, N.D.

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the website Song of Health. After many years of wishing and trying to plan a web site designed as a support mechanism for the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation and all of the dietary changes that evokes, the site has come into being. A wonderful woman with a vision has developed this web site with you in mind. Sandra Strom has spent years as a patient following her Carroll food intolerance. She knows first hand the benefits it can bring as well as the struggles and frustration it can also bear. It is with great pride and admiration that I support her on this long awaited journey.

This information we share with you comes out of hours and hours of evaluating food products with the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation method. The demands for this information far outweigh the information we can provide, but we will do our best. Due to the ever-changing food and health food industry, we cannot keep up with product ingredient changes. Companies are constantly re-formulating products so the average consumer is always looking for the “new improved”, or “now contains Omega 3 fatty acids” or the new “ now with calcium” labels. The health conscious consumers who follow the Carroll dietary results are left wondering what is actually “new” about it and what did they add to it that now could be a dairy, egg, potato, or other food group additive, that they must avoid to stay healthy.

Well, this website will attempt to keep you up to date with the latest Carroll evaluation results of food products. These are from actual food samples brought in to Dr. Caryn Potenza or myself, and analyzed with this method to determine the reactivity of known intolerant patients to the particular item. Because we are dealing with people’s individuality, there is a level of inconsistency inherent in this analyzing. The Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation is designed to analyze an individual’s compatibility with particular foods, or food combinations. This evaluation was never designed to work in reverse, which is what we must do in order to analyze processed foods from the store to determine if they appear to contain dairy, egg, soy, potato, fruit, etc. The results determined by this method in no way discount what the manufacturers claim on their ingredients listings, but rather add an additional, perhaps, energetic level of information with which you can utilize for your individual food intolerance dietary needs.

To give you an example: An organic canned soup label may say it contains guar gum. This is a natural ingredient, which is used as a thickening agent. The Carroll Evaluation may reveal this soup is reacting as if it contains potato, yet nowhere do the ingredients list potato. The explanation is that, unknown to the manufacturer (you may even call the company’s chemist and they won’t know the answer), the guar gum was produced with a potato starch filler or binding agent. The Carroll Evaluation is so sensitive that it can determine this minute amount of potato in the soup and give us a positive finding for potato. Your body is no different. Your metabolism can detect these minute amounts of toxins also and react to them as well. This is how you stay healthy. Your body won’t accept but the very best for your blood. This is why we need to be so particular.

So you can see the values of this evaluating, the time and energy it takes, and the frustration - yet a blessing - that it is for all of us. Without this miracle evaluation, discovered and passed down from Dr. O.G. Carroll, many people would have died or suffered needlessly. Many still are. We hope and pray you find one of us tenaciously dedicated Naturopathic Physicians to do this evaluation for you…and your loved ones. See Physicians and Professionals Resource List.

This evaluation saved my family. It saved my mother. Dr. Carroll saved her life with this diet and constitutional hydrotherapy. Then she had more children; I was one of those kids. Today I am so blessed and humbled for the ability to give this life altering information to you. It truly transcends time, bringing health and healing to all who are touched by it and take it to heart.

Sandra, with my personal blessing, my family’s, my profession’s, and all of the naturopathic doctors I have trained in this method – we all thank you for having the vision and love in your heart to carry forward this mission. Without networking information we could not help as many people. It was my father’s (Dr. Harold Dick) goal, as he said…

“ to have every child of school age analyzed with the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation so they knew what not to eat as they grew up. That way they never have to be sick, never have to suffer, and would know how to tDr. Watrousake care of themselves”.


Let this be a part of this mission. HO

Dr. Letitia Dick
(Read about Dr. "Tish")


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