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Sandra StromMy Story

by Sandra Strom

Welcome everyone – subscribers and non-subscribers alike. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us at My hope is that you will be surprised and satisfied with all the information we offer, which will ultimately help you in your daily life. We have concentrated on spicing up normally dry information with beautiful illustrations and pictures – eye candy. Special thanks and kudos go to Shawn Murphy, web master and illustrator, at

I WILL SHARE PERSONAL HISTORY WITH YOU, about what happened to me, how I discovered the Dr. Carroll Food Intolerance method of living and how it changed my life:

My first introduction to the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation was with Dr. Harold Dick, somewhere around 1978.

My early childhood (during the 1950’s) was one of great health, aside of brief morning sneezes. When I was 10 years old, at the suggestion of our family doctor, my parents took me to see an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. Because I was about to have braces applied to my bucked teeth, the concern was that if I came down with tonsillitis, surgery would not be an option with the braces on. Mind you,

I NEVER HAD TONSILLITIS – not once in my life!

My parents trusted the doctor's judgment and accepted his recommendation, which was to remove both tonsils and adenoids. (Might as well rip the adenoids out while in cutting mode.) So the specialist, who stood to make a bundle on yet another unnecessary surgery, subjected me to the knife and my tonsils, adenoids and I were separated forever.

AFTER THAT, I BEGAN TO SHOW MORE SEVERE ALLERGY SYMPTOMS and I became more susceptible to colds and flu bugs. Symptoms lasted longer and would settle in my sinuses, which proved to be a more painful headachy, stuffy, miserable experience than before the operation.

MY MEDICAL PROBLEMS WORSENED WHEN I WAS IN MY TWENTIES. By age 26 I had contracted several episodes of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an extremely painful, progressive and dangerous condition. With each episode the symptoms became progressively dramatic and eventually became so severe that my doctor signed me in to a local, small-town hospital for observation and treatment, where another visiting doctor from Portland Oregon instructed the nurses to prep me for an appendectomy! I was living the feared medical debauchery nightmare. Defying that doctor’s orders, I instructed my husband not to sign any consenting papers for surgery.

LOOKING DEATH IN THE FACE, I insisted on being referred to a gynecologist and was then rushed to a well-known and respected specialist in the city. He immediately sent me to a newly built, state-of-the-art hospital outside of Portland, Oregon where I was immediately prepped for exploratory surgery. He informed me that at the least they would run a scope through and determine the problem, and at the worst I could lose all of my reproductive organs. Due to massive infection and abscess, I was given a 50/50 chance of survival. When I awoke from surgery I was informed that a complete hysterectomy (including ovaries) was performed. Sad and resentful, I had to accept that the allopathic surgeon performed the only method he knew, and did everything he could, to save my life. I didn't know, in those days, that there was another method for healing from such a terrible dis-ease and how powerful natural healing methods truly are.

Many months, even several years after the surgery, I still didn’t feel “good.” I was sluggish, my stomach would swell quite often after I ate and I basically didn’t have the stamina and energy that a person my age should have…and it scared me. I should have been filled with boundless energy and health. I thought I was doing everything right – I ate all health foods, baked my own bread, even ground my own flour, but I still wasn’t feeling up to par and continued to experience even more medical problems. To compound my discomfort, a couple years after the surgery I decided to wean myself from hormone replacement therapy after being informed of potentially dangerous side effects, and now I was also beginning to act like a crazy woman!

In 1976 we moved to eastern Washington, north of Spokane. Throughout the next couple years several people, totally unrelated to each other, would tell me about a doctor in Spokane who had helped them by "testing" them for food intolerances. By removing those foods from their diet and then being treated with hydrotherapy and herbs to reverse the process of their illness, they began to heal. I figured, “What the heck, nothing else has worked, last straw – let’s go see this offbeat doctor.”

I MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE DR. HAROLD DICK. His bedside manner was very stoic and matter-of-fact. He was very pointed in his opinions (rightfully so), he wasn’t a sweet-talker and he got straight to the point. I liked him! For the first time in my adult life I found a doctor whose judgment I actually trusted.

Dr. Dick took a tiny sample of blood from my ear (the least painful place in the body) for the purpose of evaluating it with about 120 different foods and food combinations. The results would determine what caused toxic reactions in my body when ingested and consequently mixed with my blood chemistry. Dr. Dick suggested that I fast for three days and drink only water while I waited for the evaluation results to be completed. This would flush my body from the already existing toxins.

When I returned several days later (very hungry), I pleaded with him, “PLEASE DON’T TELL ME I’M INTOLERANT TO POTATOES". I love potatoes. I eat them at least five times a week. I may even be addicted to them!” Dr. Dick looked at me and said, “potato.”

I was shocked. I thought I had been listening to my body in a good way, which was telling me to ingest what nutrients I needed by eating potatoes. He explained that the body treats the toxic food much like a drug. When the addiction isn’t fed continuously the body goes into a state of withdrawal, or craving and tells you it needs that substance. I was informed that I was also intolerant to the combination of fruit with refined sugar within six hours of each other.

I WAS IMMEDIATELY TREATED TO HELP REVERSE THE PROCESS OF ILLNESS to that of healing, after so many years of poisoning myself. I was given a terrible-tasting “cocktail” of powdered wormwood and aloe mixed in water and then instructed to lie down on a cot. Electro-stimulators were placed on each side of my digestive area with a hot, wet compress laid over my torso and a heavy blanket over me to keep the heat in. After approximately five minutes the warm towel was removed and a cold, wet towel was applied for approximately ten more minutes. This, I learned, was hydrotherapy treatment. The electro-stimulator helps to get the herbal potion working faster while the hydrotherapy treatment pulls the toxins from the system. I received this treatment a couple times a week for several weeks until Dr. Dick determined that I was ready to go out in the world on my own.

THE PROGRESS I MADE IN HEALING AND FEELING “GOOD” WAS REMARKABLE. I consider it a miracle that I found my way to Dr. Dick, who literally saved my life. I am thoroughly convinced that my condition would have continually worsened had I not changed my eating habits and eliminated foods from my diet that are toxic to me. I am walking proof, as are many people that I referred to the now late Dr. Dick and then to his daughter, Dr. Letitia Dick-Watrous who continued her father’s practice, and to Dr. Dick’s student, Dr. Jared Zeff, in Vancouver Washington.

Throughout the years I have shared this method of healing with many people, often being met with skeptical eyes. Most of us have been raised to believe in the power of the allopathic doctor and that doctors of natural healing methods are “witch doctors.” (For the record, I have been, and watched others, treated in the ancient ways of Native American healing that were highly successful.) In the field of allopathic medicine great strides have been made in surgery, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, period. ALLOPATHIC PHYSICIANS ARE NOT TRAINED, ADMITTEDLY SO, IN THE AREAS OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND NUTRITION. Generally speaking, their preventive methods include administering shots derived from killed viruses. Their focus is to treat symptoms of dis-eases already incurred, mostly by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, which quite often have side effects. Then the patient is given another drug to counteract those symptoms. Eventually, if the drugs are ineffectual and the patient becomes weaker, the solution to eliminate distress usually points to surgery.

I have concluded that every organ in the body is there for a reason, and to surgically remove a body part does not remove the cause. It seems logical, therefore, to expect that if a surgical patient does not change their lifestyle and eating habits, they will be stricken with dis-ease again, most likely in the next weakest area of their body. DO WE REALLY WANT TO KEEP VOLUNTEERING BODY PARTS, ultimately affecting our quality of life and survival?

My prayer for you is that, by reading my story, you find encouragement to seek and maintain great health for yourself. You deserve to feel good, to be healthy, to EXPERIENCE THE MIRACLE. I believe that we have been given Life for a higher purpose than to endure unnecessary pain and sickness. May you find the path that is best for you and trust in the Guidance that has led you there.

Mitakuye Oyasin, (To all my relations)
Sandra Strom

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