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Furnished by Dr. Jared Zeff, N.D., LAc.


The process assumes original state as optimal. As we cause disruption by consuming foods we are intolerant to and/or other abuses to the body (Disturbing Factors), the healthy condition then begins to deteriorate (Disturbance of Function). The results are, at first, Reaction. Reverse the unhealthy process by eliminating the disturbing factors and the body will return to normal/optimal health. If we continue to insult the body, the condition becomes more serious (Chronic Reaction) until it Degenerates into an even worse condition (Degeneration). At any time, the deteriorating process may be reversed, becoming the Process of Healing.

To read more about the Naturopathic Principles of Healing
see the August 2008 and November 2008 issues of
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Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom

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